Start or Sit Kenyan Drake, James White, or Austin Ekeler in Week 14

start or sit james white, kenyan drake, or austin ekeler

This week for my start or sit article, I’ll be spotlighting running backs ranked around the middle of the pack. I will let you know my thoughts on them, and tell you if I think they’ll finish 24th or better. That would make them startable players in your standard 12-team fantasy football league. Yahoo! will do the same.

Last Week’s Predictions:
Week 13 score: Yahoo! 5-1, Me 2-4
Overall Season Score: Yahoo! 37-35, Me 42-29

Start or Sit Kenyan Drake, James White, or Austin Ekeler in Week 14
Start or Sit Kenyan Drake in Week 14?

Drake’s step up in production correlates with Kyler Murray having good passing days. Last week, Murray did not have a good passing day and Kenyan Drake finished outside of the top-40 at running back. So, will Murray have a good day against Pittsburgh week 14? The Steelers defense has been instrumental in the team winning 6 of their last 7 games. They rank in the top-ten in terms of fewest points allowed to running backs and to quarterbacks. So, that’s a definite sign to make me want to sit Kenyan Drake in week 14.

Yahoo! has Drake ranked 19th. so they advise you start Kenyan Drake in week 14.


Start or Sit James White in Week 14?

The great thing about predicting the performance of pass-catching running backs is there is usually data about how their opponent has fared against backs with a similar skill set. This week, the Patriots get the Kansas City Chiefs. They’ve faced two noteworthy pass-catching backs: Austin Ekeler last week and Duke Johnson in week 6. Johnson managed a respectable 12 points and Ekeler had four catches for 51 yards and a score. Though it’s a small sample size, let’s step back a bit here: These Patriots-Chiefs games are usually high scoring ones where there is a lot of ball movement. That’s enough for me to recommend you start James White in week 14.

Yahoo! projects White to finish 26th, which is a nod to sit James White in week 14.


Start or Sit Austin Ekeler in week 14?

This isn’t rocket science here: Ekeler has had only two games under 10 points. Jacksonville has given up the sixth-most points to running backs. With Rivers struggling, the game plan is clearly going to focus heavily on the run and passes will likely be short. Don’t overthink it, just start Austin Ekeler in week 14.

Yahoo! puts Ekeler as 21st, so they want you to Start Austin Ekeler in week 14. Glad we finally agree.

Kenyan Drake, James White, and Austin Ekeler Ranked for Week 14:

Evan Hoovler (that’s me): Ekeler > White > Drake
Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football: Drake > Ekeler > White

Be sure to check back next week to see which of us is the superior fantasy prognosticator.


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(Photo Credits:, Kenyan Drake on Twitter, Austin Ekeler on Twitter)