Still More Thanksgiving Fantasy Football Team Names

Even more thanksgiving fantasy football team names
(co-authored by Bryan Sclar)

Is your fantasy football team name still something Halloween-themed? Is it still <your name>’s Team? You’re an embarrassment to fantasy football and everyone in your league is laughing at you and you should feel bad. But don’t feel bad. It’ s never too late to change your fantasy football team name, and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, Football Absurdity has you covered with a brand new batch of fantasy football team names for the holiday. Check out all the rest of our Thanksgiving team names lists, which are listed after this list (it makes sense in my head).

Player Thanksgiving Team Name
Frank Gore, Matt Gay, Chase Edmonds team name
Chase E’s Franksgiving Gay Parade
Saquon Barkley team name Saquonto
Frank Gore, Randall Cobb team name Gore-n on the Cobb
Kai Fairbairn, Ted Ginn team name PumGinn Kai
Jarvis Landry team name Jarvis Festival
Hayden Hurst team name The Hurst Thanksgiving
Kai Fairbairn, Golden Tate team name Sweet Po-Tate-o Kai
Drew Brees, Tony Pollard, Marlon Mack team name Mack-a-Tony & Brees
Cam Newton team name Camberry Sauce
Kareem Hunt team name Kareemed Corn
Tyler Higbee, Baker Mayfield team name Bakered Higbeens
Tony Pollard team name Pollard Greens

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