Start or Sit Josh Jacobs, Carlos Hyde, or Matt Breida in Week 8?

Should I Start Josh Jacobs, Carlos Hyde, or Matt Breida in Week 8?

This year, for start-or-sit advice, I’ve decided to share my wife’s fantasy football “insight” with the world. We will be looking at some sticky fantasy football start or sit decisions each week, and each of us will tell you whether or not you should rock ’em or sock ’em. I will use mostly statistical analysis, with just a touch of gut feeling. Erin will use whatever thing she uses to tell you how each player’s name speaks to her.

Start or Sit Josh Jacobs at Houston Texans Week 8

Bryan’s Take: Jacobs is coming off back-to-back 120+ rushing yard performances, but will be facing a Texans defense that is 8th against the run.  On top of that, I expect the Raiders to be playing from behind early in this one, so I don’t think Jacobs will get the volume to make it three in a row. That said, the Raiders have been involving Jacobs more in their passing game. He’s gone from one reception in the first three weeks to eight catches in the last three weeks. That’s good news for fantasy owners, especially those in PPR leagues. Start Josh Jacobs week 8.

Erin’s Take: Bryan has been talking a lot about the show Expedition Unknown lately, hosted by Josh Gates. So he is the person that immediately comes to mind. All the Josh’s I know are genuine, funny guys. I bet all his teammates like him and you should Start Josh Jacobs week 8.


Start or Sit Carlos Hyde vs. Oakland Raiders Week 8

Bryan’s Take: Carlos Hyde’s season has seen more ups and downs than a Catholic mass. He followed up a 116 yard, 1 TD performance in Week 6 with a 35 yard stinker in Week 7. As stated above, I expect the Texans to lead most of this one, and should use Hyde to hold that lead and control the clock. He may need to sneak into the end zone to return on your investment this week, but I think that’s a decent bet. Start Carlos Hyde week 8.

Erin’s Take: “Carlos” makes me think of the baby in the Hangover, which is hilarious. But then “Hyde” makes me think of multiple personality disorder, which is not hilarious. I can’t get a good read on him, which makes me think he is inconsistent. Sit Carlos Hyde week 8.


Start or Sit Matt Breida vs. Carolina Panthers

Bryan’s Take: Since breaking off an 83-yard TD run in Week 5, and the return of Tevin Coleman, Breida has done next to nothing. Sharing carries, and facing a decent Panthers defense (let alone team), doesn’t bode well for Breida’s fantasy prospects this week. Sure, he’s super fast, and there’s always the chance that he can bust off a TD run, but the floor is just too low. Sit Matt Breida week 8.

Erin’s Take: I’m not feeling good about this one at all. He has a classic college frat boy name. I bet everyone loves him to his face, but secretly hates him behind his back because he’s so arrogant and obnoxious. Sit Matt Breida week 8.


Final Ranks

Bryan: Josh Jacobs > Carlos Hyde > Matt Breida

Erin: Josh Jacobs > Carlos Hyde > Matt Breida


Check back as we keep score on who made the best calls for week 8, and come back next week for more of Bryan and Erin’s start/sit calls.

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