Start or Sit Mecole Hardman, Preston Williams, or Diontae Johnson in Week 8?

Should I Start Mecole Hardman, Preston Williams, or Diontae Johnson in Week 8?

This year, for start-or-sit advice, I’ve decided to share my wife’s fantasy football “insight” with the world. We will be looking at some sticky fantasy football start or sit decisions each week, and each of us will tell you whether or not you should rock ’em or sock ’em. I will use mostly statistical analysis, with just a touch of gut feeling. Erin will use whatever thing she uses to tell you how each player’s name speaks to her.

Start or Sit Mecole Hardman vs. Green Bay Packers Week 8

Bryan’s Take: Let’s face it, Mecole Hardman has had two good games, and was saved by a TD last week. And that’s Hardman’s story: If he doesn’t score, neither do you. To add literal injury to insult, the Chiefs will be without Patrick Mahomes for a while. Can Hardman survive in a Matt Moore led offense? Mahomes average depth of target is 10.9 yards. The average depth of target for Moore last week was 6.6 yards.. Unless Moore flips his rocket laser arm switch to “On,” this doesn’t jive with Hardman’s role in this offense. You can find a better starting option, and Sit Mecole Hardman week 8.

Erin’s Take: It seems to me his parents really wanted a girl, and already had the name “Nicole” picked out. They stuck with it, but just changed the first couple letters to make it more… masculine? He has a lot to prove with his lady-name. Start Mecole Hardman week 8.


Start or Sit Preston Williams at Pittsburgh Steelers Week 8

Bryan’s Take: Preston Williams has been quietly consistent all year, but oh-oh-oh-Fitzmagic! Williams set career highs in receptions, yards, and catch rate last week. A late fumble took a little of the shine off, but it was still a pseudo-breakout. As we’ve seen, ‘Phins gonna throw, as 60% of their plays have been passes. For reference, the Chiefs have thrown it 62% of the time. I expect Williams to keep it up, and remain the lone bright spot in a fantasy black hole. How long until we start seeing “Presto” and “Fitzmagic” memes? Start Preston Williams week 8.

Erin’s Take: He doesn’t really have a good football player name. It’s more a name I’d expect to see adorning an olde tyme iron gate. Or on a 200 year old headstone of someone who died of cholera. Sit Preston Williams week 8.


Start or Sit Diontae Johnson vs. Miami Dolphins Week 8

Bryan’s Take: Having to contend with a revolving door at QB hasn’t been great for Diontae, or the Steelers’ offense in general. However, he did have his best game with Mason Rudolph at the helm. Guess who’s back, back again? Mason’s back (tell a friend). Oh yeah, and the Steelers get the Dolphins this week. By now, you’ve been beaten to death with “start players vs. the Dolphins” takes, so I’ll just leave it at that. Start Diontae Johnson week 8.

Erin’s Take: This is what happens when you have a super common, generic last name. Your parents are forced to make pick a bold first name, like Diontae, that will stand out from all the other Johnsons. Start Diontae Johnson week 8.


Final Ranks

Bryan: Preston Williams > Diontae Johnson > Mecole Hardman

Erin: Mecole Hardman > Diontae Johnson > Preston Williams


Check back as we keep score on who made the best calls for week 8, and come back tomorrow for more of Bryan and Erin’s week 8 start/sit calls.

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