Start or Sit Allen Robinson, D.K. Metcalf, or Corey Davis in Week 7?

Should I Start Allen Robinson, D.K. Metcalf, or Corey Davis in Week 7?

This year, for start-or-sit advice, I’ve decided to share my wife’s fantasy football “insight” with the world. We will be looking at some sticky fantasy football start or sit decisions each week, and each of us will tell you whether or not you should rock ’em or sock ’em. I will use mostly statistical analysis, with just a touch of gut feeling. Erin will use whatever thing she uses to tell you how each player’s name speaks to her.

Start or Sit Allen Robinson vs. New Orleans Saints Week 7

Bryan’s Take: Allen Robinson hasn’t seen less than seven targets in any game this year, and is coming off a huge 97 yard, 2 TD performance in Week 5. This week, he’s facing a mostly middling Saints defense that put Minshew Mania into a temporary hiatus last week. I don’t see the Bears enduring the same offensive troubles the Jags showed last week. He’s been a safe start all year, and you can safely Start Allen Robinson week 7.

Erin’s Take: With a name like Allen, he’s obviously named after an older family member. (quick Google search) Yup, Allen Bernard Robinson II. Overall, he’s just very generic, and unexciting. Sit Allen Robinson week 7.


Start or Sit D.K. Metcalf vs. Baltimore Ravens Week 7

Bryan’s Take: Metcalf has been mostly up and down all year, with his best game coming way back in Week 2 in Pittsburgh (61 yds, 1 TD). The Seahawks, behind MVP candidate Russell Wilson, have been crushing it recently, and are facing a Ravens defense that is giving up over 265 passing yards per game. I really like the way Wilson is playing, and he is now taking the field short one Will Dissly. Look for Metcalf to pick up some of those vacated targets and Start D.K. Metcalf week 7.

Erin’s Take: I really like interesting names, and DeKaylin Zecharius Metcalf certainly qualifies! I like him. I think he sounds hungry and ready. Start D.K. Metcalf week 7.


Start or Sit Corey Davis vs. Los Angeles Chargers Week 7

Bryan’s Take: After years of disappointment, the Titans have finally made a QB switch. The problem is, they’re switching to Ryan Tannehill. Corey Davis has had exactly one good game so far in 2019, and that was against the sieves in black known as the Atlanta Falcons. I’m not confident that Tannehill will be the answer to Davis’ struggles, and, frankly, I’d need to see him do it before I’d want any piece of that Titans passing game. Sit Corey Davis week 7.

Erin’s Take: These are the synonyms I associate with Corey Davis: plain, boring, unimpressive, forgettable… Obviously, I’m not a fan, and I would Sit Corey Davis week 7.


Final Ranks

Bryan: Allen Robinson > D. K. Metcalf > Corey Davis

Erin: D. K. Metcalf > Corey Davis > Allen Robinson


Check back as we keep score on who made the best calls for week 7, and come back next week for more of Bryan and Erin’s start/sit calls.

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