Start or Sit Jordan Howard, Ronald Jones, or Frank Gore in Week 5

Last week’s start-or-sit got all 6 picks correct, while Yahoo only got 3. Let’s keep the streak going with some more start-or-sit advice!

Each week I’ll be taking three similarly ranked players and tell you if they are a start (they will score more than the average for the player currently at the position where they are ranked) or a sit (they will score less than the average). I’ll also rank them. Then, I’ll take the Yahoo Fantasy Football app’s predictions and see if I’m doing better or worse. The scoring will be HPPR, but the predictions work for 0 PPR or 1 point-per-reception scoring, as well. Note: Yahoo! might update their projections mid-week, in which case I’ll update this article.

Start or Sit Jordan Howard, Ronald Jones, or Frank Gore in Week 5
Start or Sit Jordan Howard Week 5
Currently Ranked on SportingNews: 36th

Average Weekly Score for the 36th-Ranked RB in 2019: 8.90

Jordan Howard is getting snatched off of waiver wires after his three-touchdown outburst in Thursday’s nationally-televised game. He gets the silky-soft Jets defense week 5, and therefore has the opportunity for a big game. The downside is that Philadelphia uses a committee with Miles Sanders, and usually rides the hot hand rather than go for a 50/50 split. But I think the “hot hand” might already be determined: The Eagles rode Howard to a big win in Lambeau, so they might be leaning toward letting Howard have the job until he loses it. So I’m going to say start Jordan Howard in week 5.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football predicts Howard will score 10.74 points, so they want to start Jordan Howard in week 5.


Start or Sit Ronald Jones in Week 5
Currently Ranked on SportingNews: 33rd

Average Weekly Score for the 33rd-Ranked RB in 2019: 9.07

In weeks 1, 3, and 4, Jones looked like a lead back for the high-scoring Bucs. But his evaporation in week 2 (four carries, nine yards) had owners shying away. He plays against New Orleans, who bottled up Ezekiel Elliott week 4, so this is a tough decision. Still, the Rams defense was supposed to be good yet Tampa Bay scored a whopping 55 points against them. That pretty much guarantees Tampa Bay will continue to lean on Jones. It’s going to be close, but I think he’ll need a touchdown to clear 9 points. The Dallas game seems to be an anomaly: The Saints were bottom-third in the league in terms of rushing yards and points allowed in their other 3 games. So I’ll go with start Ronald Jones in week 5.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football  predicts Jones to score 9.01, which is a nod to sit Ronald Jones week 5.


Start or Sit Frank Gore Week 5
Currently Ranked on Sporting News: 38th

Average Weekly Score for the 30th-Ranked RB in 2019: 8.63

Gore ripped off some solid runs against New England, becoming only the 4th RB to surpass 15,000 rushing yards. He has hit double digits in fantasy the past three weeks, although Devin Singletary is likely to return and cut into Gore’s week 5 workload. Still, Gore seems to be getting scoring opportunities, having found the end zone in weeks 2 and 3. The rub is that the Titans, Gore’s week 5 opponent, are allowing 15.5 points per game (4th best in the league). Josh Allen might miss the game, in which case the Bills will rely heavily on their ground game. Still, it’s a medium/poor offense in a tough matchup. I’m going sit Frank Gore in week 5.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football estimates Gore will score 7.52 points, so they say sit Frank Gore in  week five.

Jordan Howard, Roland Jones, Frank Gore ranked for week 5:

Evan Hoovler (that’s me): Howard > Jones > Gore

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football: Howard > Jones > Gore

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