Making This Dolphins Prop Bet Might Be the Worst, Most Painful Bet in History

Here at Football Absurdity, we’re always scanning the Internet to find the funniest, weirdest NFL stuff. So when we saw this Dolphins prop bet at the extremely-boring named, we had to show it to you:

For those of you not up on betting (I had to search a refresher myself), that means you can bet $100 for the Dolphins to go 0-16, and if they do you win $700. Or, and this is the worst bet in history, you can bet $1800 for them NOT to go 0-16, and if that happens you get $100.

So, to summarize, if you take the NO prop bet on the Dolphins, you get to

  • Root for them to win every week until they do. You have to root for the Dolphins, perhaps the worst team in NFL history, every single week.
  • Risk a substantial amount of money
  • Get a measley 5.5% return on your bet when it comes through.

That sounds like the worst way to “enjoy” betting in the history of gambling on sports.


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