Fantasy Football Week 2 Absurdity Check: Should I Drop OJ Howard, Carson Wentz, and Pick up an Opioid Addiction?

Week 2 has happened, and now it’s time for the overreactions! Not about dropping Carson Wentz, though, he’s broken. Let’s take a look at some of the strongest opinions in terms of fantasy, and see which ones need a little pushback:

Should I drop OJ Howard? I’d hedge this by benching him, for a more consistent TE. But if you don’t have the room, drop him. Coach Bruce Arians has never been excited about calling plays for tight ends, and even went so far as to say that Howard could have played a lot better. The potential is still there, but our fantasy teams can’t handle another week of Howard the Goose Egg.

Should I drop Carson Wentz? Yes. You never should have picked him up. He’s injured and inconsistent. Get a lottery ticket with that bench spot.

Should I drop fantasy football and get a new hobby, such as woodworking or making sweaters for my cats? Nope, you’re in for the whole season now. Don’t be one of those idiots who drops their entire team in a tantrum. Seriously, if I’m still playing after my disastrous week, you can drag yourself in front of a computer and set a lineup for 10 minutes a week.

Should I drop Ben Roethlisberger? Wait, you still have Big Ben? Your team deserves much better than a guy who got played by Mason “Who-dolph?” Rudolph).

Should I drop David Johnson? No? DDYS? It’s disheartening how the Air Raid offense is neglecting the best player on the team, but he got a score and after Arizona loses another game or two, the team could decide to retool their scheme a bit to open up DJ.

Should I pick up Nelson Agholor? No! Don’t fall for the siren song of the Eagles’ wide receiver lottery. Their offense doesn’t look good, I predict some inconsistent weeks ahead for Agholor.

Should I drop Joe Mixon? Something’s wrong there, and it’s Cincinnati’s woeful O-Line. He averaged less than 2 yards per carry. Consider him a bye week fill-in for now, and try not to think about the price you paid for him.

Should I drop Marvin Jones? Yes! Do this now, even though you can’t pick up a waiver guy yet. Detroit’s offense is too slow for three fantasy performers, and Golladay and Kerryon are going to crowd Jones out of the fantasy landscape.

Should I drop Drew Brees? I would’ve dropped him even before the injury. He doesn’t have the stamina to give strong performances in your fantasy playoffs, and a thumb injury on his throwing hand could have lingering effects. Update: Looks like he’ll miss 6 weeks. So, trust us when we’re down on someone, we’re professional pessimists.


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