The Absurdity Report: Funny Football Moments from the NFL’s Week 1

Each week I will be discussing the funny football happenings that take place in the NFL. All the hoopla of the players, crowds, and referees will be under my absurdity microscope. Get ready to enjoy the wacky, zany, silly, and unpredictability that occurs during the season across the National Football League.

Remember the  New Orleans Saints NFC Championship blown call by the refs? Saints fans have not forgotten and decided to remind all those in attendance and on television:

Quenton Nelson just ordered up some pancakes:

When you are trying to move on with your day and you have the same initials (AB), used to play the same sport, and the same position as another AB (Antonio Brown), but your name is Antonio Bryant:

After five touchdowns, Lamar Jackson likes him some Ezekiel 25:17:


When former players remember reality:

As a fan, sometimes you need live the Miller high-life:


Career changes:

As coach Herman Edwards once said: “Put your name on it”:

Always remember someone has it worse:

When you feel the job is to tough to handle:

When you are just a fresh baby:

Malik Hooker holding out that he is also a secret wide receiver:

Robinson trying to get more bike work in:

When you care more about looking good:

No-more no-look passes please:

Come back next week because:


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