NFL Draft: Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Football Wishlist

Los Angeles Chargers

2018’s Best Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Football Player: Austin Ekeler, Running Back or Melvin Gordon, Running Back
2018’s Biggest Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Football Disappointment: Literally Nobody
2019 Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist: A TE who doesn’t get injured in the pre-preseason

The 2018 Los Angeles Chargers fantasy football projections were as right as a stopped clock in a black hole when viewed by someone outside said black hole. In other words: Always right (look it up). Both RBs did better than projected, a tough order when one was predicted in the top 6 among RBs. Keenan Allen stayed healthy for all 16 games (2 years in a row!). Rivers was picked outside a QB1 by many pundits, and he blew away all the haters by finishing slightly inside the list of QB1s. We need Hunter Henry Hippos to stay healthy at least long enough for me to draft him.

Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Football Wishlist, Item 1: A top 30 offensive line. Like, seriously, break into the top 30 in the league

The Chargers have thought hard, and decided to protect a late-30s QB, an oft-injured RB, and a WR who played 9/32 games in 2015 and 2016 with the offensive line equivalent of a thousand Kleenex tissues in a gentle breeze. If they’re smart, they’ll adopt a win-now mentality and shore up their gossamer line with guys who can actually extend the play for the veteran field tacticians of this seasoned team.

Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Football Wishlist, Item 2: Tight End

I don’t know how they draft can fix this. Either play the regular season, Hunter, or get injured before the draft. Maybe the Chargers have realized Hunter’s joints went from pivoting well to pivoting horribly, like a… song that goes from being on a record to being on a cassette. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy, but maybe get a non-walking-sprain on the team. Henry can mentor him from his hospital bed.

That’s about all I have to say… Except this: Hunter Henry gets injured so easily, I’m surprised the team’s sudden move from San Diego to Los Angeles didn’t put him on IR.

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