NFL Draft: Denver Broncos Fantasy Football Wishlist

2018’s Best Denver Broncos Fantasy Football Player: Phillip Lindsay, Running Back 
2018’s Biggest Denver Broncos Fantasy Football Disappointment: Demayrius Thomas, Wide Receiver
2019 Denver Broncos Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist: Quarterback, Tight End

Broncos continued to show a talented team with a complete lack of cohesion. Lindsay was a fantasy darling that did wonders for owners who flaked on getting a proper RB2 in the draft (or banked on Royce Freeman’s decent preseason… but I’M NOT BITTER!). Emmanuel Sanders gave a return above expected value… I don’t know maybe Jake Butt was decent a game. That’s about it. Without a decent QB to keep the ball moving, the offense never had the momentum to put up consistent fantasy numbers. Hopefully John Elway’s infatuation with Drew Lock will prove correct, and break the trend that “all the best Lockes in history and fiction had an `e’ on the end of their last name.”

Denver Broncos Fantasy Football Wishlist, Item 1: Some QB who can stop from falling apart 5 games into the season.

It’s telling that the Broncos best QB moves of the past 3 years have all been “cutting/trading a bunch of mediocre QBs before everyone else figured out they were really bad.” Unfortunately, Elway’s rub is “figuring out a QB is mediocre shortly after Elway decides he was great.” The rumor is that Elway’s infatuated with Lock, which means Lock will have like 1.5 seasons to get this ragtag bunch of misfits practicing together. It’s like Bad News Bears, if Bad News Bears was on every Sunday and was horribly hard to watch.

Denver Broncos Fantasy Football Wishlist, Item 2: Tight End

They’ve got a solid run game, they’ve got emerging wide receivers, they’ve even got a decent enough line when it is fully healthy and not shuffling players around like their names were all “Jack” or “Ace.” But the Broncos, who have picked 3 TEs in the past 4 years, have yet to hit on a great blocker/safety valve. This seems to be one of the best recent years for top tier TEs, so maybe 4th time will be the charm. Or maybe they’ll just grab someone who has the last name “Butt,” again, I’ll take that too.

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