NFL Draft: Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Football Wishlist

2018’s Best Fantasy Football Player: Lamar Jackson, Quarterback
2018’s Biggest Fantasy Football Disappointment: Alex Collins, Running Back
2019 Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist: Wide Receiver

Last year was a weird one for the Baltimore Ravens and their fantasy football-eligible players. The season started with Joe Flacco slinging the ball all over the yard and ended with Lamar Jackson creeping the offense along as slowly as possible in a ball control offense. Fast forward to 2019, and Flacco is a Bronco. This, along with signing Mark Ingram, means a lot more running the ball for the Ravens. However, the best thing they can get in the draft to help fantasy football owners is abundantly clear and has nothing to do with running the ball.

Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist, in entirety: Wide Receiver

The first couple of lines in Jay-Z’s verse in Kanye West’s 2010 hit “Monster” is unequivocally one of the funniest parts of Jay-Z’s catalog. He literally just lists a bunch of monsters. Because the song, you know, is about Kanye West being a monster. If you listed out the biggest problem with the Ravens offense for fantasy football in 2019, it would be equally horrifying imagery, but just listing wide receivers. Willie Snead, Seth Roberts, King Kong, Loch Ness, Chris Moore, Jordan Lasley, a zombie with no conscience. Except for the monsters, those are the top four players on the Ravens wide receiver depth chart going into 2019.

Obviously, this cannot stand. None of those guys are worth anything, anywhere, in fantasy football. The Ravens have eight picks in the draft, but none in the second round. At least two of their third and fourth-round picks should be spent on wide receivers. What’s wild is that they could go in literally any direction and it would help. Reach on A.J. Brown (or trade up to get him) and pair him with a first-round D.K. Metcalf? Sure! Though, given Lamar Jackson’s accuracy woes, a D.K. Metcalf would be a waste. Maybe, a Parris Campbell in the third, or a J.J. Arcega-Whiteside? That’s the joy of having a completely depleted wide receiver room, the sky’s the limit! In corporate parlance, it’s a real opportunity for the Ravens. To paraphrase another Kanye West song: You know what the Ravens WR room is?/Bad and feckless.

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