Week 14 Fantasy Football – Start or Sit Jordan Howard, Chris Carson, or Rashaad Penny

Start or Sit Jordan Howard, Chris Carson, or Rashaad Penny

Week 14 is here, and those of you who limped into the playoffs might be deciding between Howard, Carson, Penny, or a poison pill. Check out our insight into these three fringe RBs (and a delicious, yet poisoned, pill).

Should I Start or Sit Jordan Howard?

Like a coma patient gurgling out a breath that kind of sounds like “hey,” Jordan Howard showed a faint sign of life last week. He averaged over 4.5 yards per carry and lugged the rock 16 times. This may have you considering him. Don’t, please. Howard hasn’t scored in his last four games, and his 76 yards was the only total above 63 in 5 games. The offense has shown they will work Tarik Cohen in, wherever. With Trubisky back under center, this shouldn’t change. You have to have someone in your FA who is better than Jordan Howard. Check out our sleeper RB pieces for suggestions. In the meantime, know that when it comes to whether to start or sit Jordan Howard, it’s a definite sit.

Should I Start or Sit Chris Carson?

Double-digit points in each of his last three games (HPPR). A surging Seahawks offense that always seems to turn it on in December. These form the mantra that fantasy players are repeating when trying to decide whether to start or sit Chris Carson. But here’s the stark reality that jams a stick in the wheels of a well-spun mantra: Minnesota hasn’t allowed a rusher to have over 63 yards in any of their last 5 games. Seattle still employs a RB-by-Committee approach. Don’t get me wrong: He’s better than any sleeper currently in your FA, but if you have another starting RB, consider Carson a sit.

Should I Start or Sit Rashaad Penny?

He’s rushed for at least 46 yards in three of his last four games. Still, talking to Penny owners, I get the impression that people want to start him simply because he was a shiny new toy that broke before they got to play with him. I can understand that sentiment, but it’s not one that will get you through the fantasy playoffs. Start anyone over this backup RB on a committee-rushing team. Should you start or sit Rashaad Penny? Sit him.


If you absolutely need a ranking, here’s how I see it breaking down:

  1. Start Chris Carson
  2. Eat a poison pill
  3. Start Jordan Howard
  4. Start Rashad Penny

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