2018 Fantasy Football Rookie Roundup: Tennessee Titans

How does the saying go? Save the best for last? Unfortunately for those who read through all of these in order, as we hit the last article in this 32-part series, we definitely haven’t reached the best. The Tennessee Titans, fresh off discarding Exotic Smashmouth (RIP that term), drafted just one fantasy football eligible player in the 2018 NFL Draft. Should you care? Well, we’ll find out in short order.

Luke Falk, Quarterback, Round Six
The short answer to that question is, “no.” However, the long answer to that question is, “Falk no!” Falk was in a one-read-and-go offense in college, but he game managed that extremely well. He has decent enough accuracy and is patient in the pocket. Falk can get the ball to the right person at the right time. He has the touch and accuracy to make sure the recipients of his short and intermediate passes are in a position to do something. However, his arm is just okay. In the end, he will spend all his time dinking and dunking his way through the NFL preseason behind Marcus Mariota for years to come.

Falk is a good NFL pick, as he’s likely to have a long career as a backup. Like AJ McCarron (sup AJ, hope you don’t block us again over this) or Mike Glennon, he’ll be around for a while, but he won’t be around on your fantasy football rosters. Even if Marcus Mariota explodes in a massive cloud of dust (which isn’t unlikely given his fragility), Falk has no fantasy football upside outside of 32-team two-quarterback leagues. Even if Mariota explodes, Falk still has to contend with The Real American. Falk is an extremely intelligent real football selection. However, he’s the type of player who stays far away from any and all fantasy football rosters.



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