2018 Fantasy Football Rookie Roundup: Jacksonville Jaguars

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The 2017 and 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars made (and will continue to make) their hay on defense. That’s what happens when your offense is run by Blake Bortles. After snagging Leonard “Just Touchd—ow my foot” Fournette, Keelan Cole, and DeDe Westbrook last season, they added just two fantasy football eligible players in the 2018 NFL Draft. Should you add these players in your fantasy leagues?

D.J. Chark, Wide Receiver, Round Two
First of all, Chark was the fastest wide receiver in the 2018 NFL Draft, posting a 4.34 40-yard dash. He can outrun anyone, even a way-too-errant Blake Bortles deep ball. Therefore, as the little brother of the Jaguars offense, he will be responsible for the same route you gave your little brother in streetball: go long. He seems to have good hands in space and is a good open field wide receiver. His problem is that he cannot handle a crowd, has problems going over the middle, and his contributions in the red zone would be rounded up to “borderline useful.”

Through no fault of his own, he’s extremely unlikely to have 2018 fantasy football production. The wide receiver room in Jacksonville is just absolutely jam-packed, and that’s why Chark draws the short straw. If there are injuries ahead of him, go ahead and throw him into some DFS lineups, but he’s unlikely to have consistent production in year one. He’s a guy to watch in 2019 if the offensive weaponry develops around him as the heir apparent to DeSean Jackson’s fantasy football role.



Tanner Lee, Quarterback, Round Six
First of all, there’s a sweet beauty to watching an absolutely awful quarterback’s tape. Because your eyeballs cannot comprehend what they are absorbing, you go borderline catatonic. In that way, it was soothing to watch Tanner Lee. Like a warm blanket of errant passes in front of a roaring fire of fleeing clean pockets. Against Northwestern, five of his first six passes were abject disasters. Go ahead, watch. The article will still be here. I’ll wait…

Seems like he should probably find another line of work? Still, despite his tape, people will try to act like being big with a big arm is inherently useful. Due to his size and arm, evaluators will try to ignore that he ditches clean pockets all the time and his huge arm comes with shotgun accuracy. Ultimately, he’s better than Josh Allen and his talent level will fit right in with the expectations that Blake Bortles has made the norm in Jacksonville. Above all, it’s a nice pick for the Jags to keep up the façade that Bort is the QB of the future by drafting absolute trash behind him. Probably not a good idea, but neither is re-signing Blake Bortles like they did.



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