Fantasy Football Absurdity Check: Is Tom Brady Overrated?

Tom Brady Overrated

We are about halfway through the fantasy football season and to the surprise of nobody, the number one rated quarterback in fantasy football is Tom Brady.  How can you not rank Tom Brady number one?  He is a champion, which championship pedigree.  Also, he was great in Ted 2.  The question I have is simple – is Tom Brady overrated?

I am going to risk the wrath of the greater Bostonian population and say that Tom Brady is overrated.  Calm down, guys.  No need to get to lose your cool. I’m not saying Tom Brady is bad at football.  I’m not even denying he is the Greatest Of All Time.  When I call Tom Brady overrated, all I am saying is that he is not the clear-cut, number one starting quarterback for the rest of the season.

However, the FantasyPro’s consensus disagrees.  He is the clear cut number one quarterback for the rest of the season. It isn’t even close.  The lowest someone has him is three.  Like with people underrated Alex Smith for virtue of being Alex Smith, I feel like Tom Brady is getting the same treatment.  And while he has absolutely earned the benefit of the doubt, I am not convinced that he will end the season as the best quarterback in football.

To date, Tom Brady has the most passing yards and the 2nd most passing touchdowns.  He has been great this season.  But he has not achieved the same level of greatness that we are used to seeing from Tom Brady, and that should worry you.

He already have four turnovers through eight games. That is a much higher turnover rate from him than we are used to, even if it is still absurdly low.  He has also only had five multi-touchdown games this season.  That means he has had three games where he has only had one touchdown or fewer.

Most significant of all, his defensive schedule gets much tougher in the second half of the season.  He will not face any defense that gives up a lot of points to fantasy quarterbacks.  In fact, during the fantasy playoffs, he will be facing two top ten defenses when it comes to shutting down opposing quarterbacks.

So is Tom Brady overrated?  Yes, he is absolutely being overvalued the rest of the fantasy season.  That doesn’t mean he is going to be bad.  I just don’t think he is a sure-fire lock to finish the season as a top three quarterback.  His schedule gets harder and he just hasn’t been the same Tom Brady we have come to expect the past couple of years.   He is a guy I definitely would try to sell high on and add an elite running back or wide receiver.

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