Fantasy Football Absurdity Check: Is Alex Smith Overrated?

Alex Smith Player Profile

We are about halfway through the fantasy football season and to the surprise of everyone, the best quarterback in football is Alex Smith.  Let’s be honest, nobody saw this coming.  How could they?  He is Alex frickin’ Smith.  So the question I have is simple — is Alex Smith overrated?

The answer to that question is a resounding no.  It is impossible to call Alex Smith overrated.  If anything, Alex Smith is the most underrated quarterback in football right now.  Smith is the number one scoring quarterback in fantasy football, which means he is the number one scoring fantasy player in almost all formats.  Despite all this, he is only the 13th ranked fantasy quarterback for the rest of the season according to FantasyPro’s 24 consensus experts.  The highest he is ranked is the 6th best fantasy quarterback for the rest of the season.  The lowest he is ranked is 32nd best fantasy quarterback for the rest of the season, by what I can only assume is a staunch Denver Bronco’s fan.

The question I have is why is he only ranked so low.  To date, Alex Smith has the 2nd most passing yards, the 2nd most passing touchdowns, and zero turnovers.  He has, quite simply, been the best fantasy quarterback in football this year.  By all rights, he should be leading the discussion for MVP candidates this year.  He is one of the best quarterbacks in football and he is playing on one of the best team in the AFC.

So why is he ranked so low?  Because he is Alex Smith.  When we think of Alex Smith, we think of captain check down.  We think of a quarterback who is so concerned with making a mistake that he won’t take a chance for making a big play.  Yet this year, that is not true at all.  This season, six of his fifteen touchdown passes have been for twenty or more yards.  Of those six, five have been for over fifty yards.   The fact that he has already thrown fifteen touchdown passes is a massive improvement over last season, where he only had fifteen touchdowns all year.

So is Alex Smith overrated?  How can he be when nobody seems to like him, no matter what he does.  Smith is on pace for having his best season in the NFL, shattering all his previous marks.  He is the number one scoring player in fantasy sports, yet he is not even 100% owned, which is mind-boggling.  All anyone can seem to see is the Alex Smith of old.  He should easily be a top five quarterback for the rest of the season.   If you can add him, add him quickly before the rest of the members of your fantasy leagues figure this out.

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