Trade Talk Thursday Redux: Fantasy Football Ezekiel Elliott Impact

Fantasy Football Ezekiel Elliott

In Trade Talk Thursday, I covered general trade strategies for the week.  But with the news coming out that the Ezekiel Elliott six game suspension is being upheld, now is the time to act, so here is our Trade Talk Thursday Redux. So let’s look at the fantasy football Ezekiel Elliott ramifications.

To Die, To Zeke, No More

Review: With the injunction on his six game suspension being removed, Ezekiel Elliott is set to serve his six game suspension.  While he is set to file another injunction, it doesn’t really matter.  The time to act is now.  This is where fantasy football leagues are won.  If you have the bench space, you should be grabbing Darren McFadden AND Alfred Morris off of the waiver wire.

Fantasy Impact:  If you are the Zeke owner, you need to cover your bases and protect yourself from a possible suspension.  While it is possible another injunction will occur, you don’t want to bank your fantasy football season on uncertainty.  This is why you need to grab Morris and McFadden.  If you are not the Zeke owner in your league, McFadden and Morris are fantasy football assets that will never have more value to the Zeke owner. Get them.

Strategy: If you have both McFadden and Morris, you need to approach the Zeke owner and figure out what move best helps your team. If you are set at running back, you should look for a trade that will give you a significant position upgrade. Either WR or QB.

If running back is a position of weakness, depending on the levels of panic for the Zeke owner, you can try to trade for him at a heavily discounted rate.  By controlling all the shares of Cowboys running game, you will find yourself with a RB1 slot locked in for the rest of the season.

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