You Be the Commish: What Happens When an Owner Quits?

What happens when a team quits

We’re visiting a classic commissioner’s conundrum, this week: The quitter. I’ve commissioned leagues where I’ve contacted people to make their pick, and they replied, “Oh I didn’t know the draft was today. Remove me from the league.” Quitters are short-sighted people who make running a fair league hard. So, what happens when an owner quits? What would you do if a team declared “I quit” week 6 and dumped their whole team to the free agency? Read our answers in the comments, and post your own insights.

2 Comments on “You Be the Commish: What Happens When an Owner Quits?”

  1. Standard procedure I’ve seen is for the commissioner to reverse all the drops by the quitter, then just start the best roster based on point predictions, each week. I’d love to hear a better solution, though.

  2. I agree. The commissioner just has to ensure that the team isn’t a free win every week. Fill byes, replace injured players, but do it completely on site projections. The dummy team also isn’t allowed to partake in waivers.

    Obviously the easy answer is to replace the owner, but if you can’t, just make sure it isn’t a free win.

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