Football Season Has Begun!

With teams reporting to training camp this week, the start of football season has finally arrived!  To usher in the 2017 NFL season, I have decided to start a football blog, because there just aren’t enough know-it-all’s spouting off their opinions as facts.  Because truth be told, every football and fantasy football expert doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about.  You either have ex-athletes trying to predict the unpredictable, but their only real skill was that they spent a few years hitting or running away from other football players.  Or you have analysts and experts whose only real skill is yelling at a television while eating assorted fried cheeses.

Since I also don’t know what I’m talking about, I figure this should be easy. (or at least fun.)  I want to dedicate this blog to covering my favorite football team, the Chicago Bears.  However, I don’t plan on taking a game by game view.  In my experience, the “experts” like to take a very sort-sighted view of analyzing the decisions made by coaches and front offices.  The problem with this approach is that franchises need to be built from the ground up and this requires years of planning.

This blog will be reviewing the decisions made by the Bears front office over the past few years and the draft and try to interpret the short and long term goals of the front office by analyzing these past decisions.  I will try not to rely too much on what the front office says, because meaningless platitudes like “Bear Weather” and “Smash Mouth Football” don’t really tell us anything.

This is also going to be a fantasy football blog, because I love fantasy football and I am getting sick and tired of playing all these scrub fantasy football teams who just don’t know what they are doing.  So many listen to bad advice from bad experts and then draft bad teams.  I’m going to teach you how to be bad all on your own, just like me.

So it’s time to get this football season started!


Waleed Ismail

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  1. S(h)ort-sighted insights are the best insights, Wismail. I hope your blog does well even if it covers the soon to be 2-14 Bears.

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