Week 2 Fantasy Football Streaming Defenses: Time to Bite Some Kneecaps

Dan Campbell Detroit Lions

If you read my article on playing the waiver wire game, you know that it is an essential part of winning your fantasy football league.  If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?  I just told you it’s an essential part of winning your fantasy football league!  Why do you hate winning? One of the best ways to maximize your weekly scoring is to stream defenses.  This strategy is simple: stop being concerned with finding good defenses, and find defenses that are playing against terrible offenses.  Bad offenses are likelier to keep playing poorly because if they knew how to be good, they would already be good.  Following this flawless logic, let’s find out who we should stream in the last week of the season!

Green Bay Packers Defense (47% owned) @ Atlanta Falcons

In week one against the Carolina Panthers, the Atlanta Falcons gave up four sacks. That is a solid number against a normal NFL offense but is especially significant against a Falcons team that had the fewest pass attempts in week one.  The Packers’ defense terrorized a mediocre Chicago Bears offensive line in week one and Desmond Ridder looks like his offensive line will have some struggles in pass protection. Ridder also doesn’t have the mobility to get away from a very athletic Packers front four. If you’re looking for a solid week two match-up, the Packers’ defense is a solid option.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense (19% owned) @ Chicago Bears

If you are not convinced that the Green Bay Packers’ defense is good, but rather you believe that the Chicago Bears’ offense is just that bad, might I recommend the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defense to stream in week two? Against the Minnesota Vikings, the Bucs had a pressure rate of 27.7% against a high-powered Vikings offense. Meanwhile, in week one the Chicago Bears only had 4 pass attempts of 10 yards or more.  It is dangerous to read too much into week one, but the Bears were also the worst team in football last year and started 2023 with more of the same. If you don’t believe in the Bears, the Bucs are a solid option to stream in week two.

Detroit Lions Defense (6% owned) @ Seattle Seahawks

I have absolutely no data to back up this recommendation except my eyeballs. On Thursday night, my eyes watched the Detroit Lions beat the Kansas City Chiefs on the road. While I was writing this article, Juwaan Taylor had another false start penalty that wasn’t called. And I don’t blame him. Aiden Hutchinson looks like a terror. What is even scarier is that the Seahawks will most likely be missing both of their starting offensive tackles. Detroit is for real and I think they have the potential to be a set-and-forget defense the rest of the season.

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