Atlanta Falcons 2023 Fantasy Football Rookie Roundup

We are starting Football Absurdity’s 2023 fantasy football rookie round-up with the Atlanta Falcons because there is nobody we want to talk about more than Bijan Robinson. Bijan is one of the best running back prospects to declare for the NFL draft in the last few years. The question everyone wants answered is how good will Bijan be.

Rd. Pick Player Pos. College
1 8 Bijan Robinson RB Texas
2 7 Matthew Bergeron OT Syracuse
3 12 Zach Harrison EDGE Ohio State
4 11 Clark Phillips III CB Utah
7 7 DeMarcco Hellams SAF Alabama
7 8 Jovaughn Gwyn G South Carolina


Round 1, Pick 8 Overall: Bijan Robinson, Running Back, Texas (5’11” 215 lbs)
Depth Chart:
RB1:       Bijan Robinson
RB2:       Tyler Allgeier
RB3:       Cordarrelle Patterson
RB4:       Caleb Huntley

The first time I watched film of Bijan Robinson, I just thought “That is a man!” I have not enjoyed the tape of a college running back this much since Christian McCaffrey. Bijan would be dragging guys ten yards down the field with him one play, then blow right past them the next. It is rare to find this blend of speed and power in a college running back. Hell, the guys who can do it at the NFL level are rare enough. Robinson is not afraid to lower his shoulder to get tough yards. He has great burst, great vision, and great strength. When you add in the fact that he is an excellent receiver, I start to wonder if there is an illegal genetic cloning lab, because a running back with this level of athleticism should not exist in nature.


The opportunities for Bijan Robinson to succeed in his rookie season are the best anyone can realistically hope for. Last season, the Atlanta Falcons had the most rushing attempts, the 3rd most rushing yards, and the 4th most yards per attempt. And they managed to do this with Tyler Allgeier and Cordarrelle Patterson. The last time Arthur Smith had a running back this good, his name was Derrick Henry and he ran him into the ground.


Yesterday in our Fantasy Football Fallout article, I declared Bijan Robinson one of the fantasy winners of this draft. The THfantaC crew loved Bijan almost as much as I do. I could keep adding hyperlinks singing the praises of Bijan Robinson, but why waste our time? It would probably be harder to find someone who doesn’t love him. This is a generational talent. It is not hard to see why everyone is high on Bijan Robinson for the 2023 NFL season. His talent is out of this world. His opportunity is what every fantasy football follower yearns for when drafting a running back. Bijan Robinson’s 2023 fantasy football outlook is so good that it almost made the patented Football Absurdity Five Goodell rating system go full Paul Tagliabue, something that has never happened in the 75 years we have been providing you with the best fantasy football content. Bijan Robinson is going to start the year drafted in the first round of fantasy drafts and will likely end up a top-five pick in most leagues. Anything less than an RB1 performance from him will be considered a huge disappointment.




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