Luke Musgrave 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Luke Musgrave, Oregon State (6’6”, 250) 

What Scouts Say:

Should be a size-speed monster. Elite explosiveness, downfield speed. Major injury history, but he has a ton of tools and upside. Great catch skills, and can come down with anything. Great instincts as a pass catcher and a blocker as well. Not a huge route tree. His NFL draft cap will be dependent on the combine and pro-day medicals. Poor college production (COVID-shortened season, only 22 catches as a Junior, hurt after 2 games in his last season). Not going to be an elite separator. 

What We Saw: 

Luke Musgrave is a box with a painted question mark on the side of it. He had tremendously bad luck in college and will have injury questions going into the next level, but when he was out there and getting targets, he looked real real good. He’s a size and speed guy that teams will love since he’s got all the tools and has a giant ceiling as a receiver. His blocking is strong enough to get by, but blocking is for nerds. Let Luke Musgrave cook. He’s a serious playmaker. 


I really really really wish there was more tape on Musgrave because his stat lines don’t show what is on the tape. If you look at his 21 abysmal, 811 snaps for 22/300/1, especially for a guy that isn’t a great blocker. He’s a good blocker but it’s not his skill and that’s what I want to see on a genetic freak like Musgrave. The man is fast, really fast for a big man with a big wingspan and large hands. The polar opposite of Mayer, where Musgrave can be a downfield threat. He is going to be a problem for LBs and DBs due to speed and size mismatches. His route running does need a lot of refinement as it doesn’t look like it comes naturally to him, but honestly, as a position where no one expects much the first 3 years, I’m in. ADP is all over the place right now in Feb, but I’d personally rather take the gamble on Musgrave in the 3rd than the potential of taking Mayer in the 1st unless I’m in TEP or 2TE leagues. Musgrave is probably going to fly up draft boards when he puts up Jelani Woods’s RAS numbers.

Player Comparison:

George Kittle if he never met Pentagon Jr

Grade: 100% dependent on draft capital, but anywhere in the 3rd

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