Kayshon Boutte 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Kayshon Boutte, LSU (5’11”, 195) 

What Scouts Say:

Good hands, a fluid catcher. He has a quick first step with explosive burst and agility, a crisp cutter. Was used mostly in the slot and questions exist about how well he could play on the boundary if asked. Has injury concerns after missing time in college. Has struggled with letting the ball hit his pads on deep balls instead of using his hands. Weirdly inconsistent college career and production. An electric playmaker that can score with any touch. Strong route package, may be limited to the slot but was productive on the boundary as well in college. Will get beaten by more physical CBs. 

What We Saw: 

Upside is the name of the game when it comes to Kayshon Boutte. At times, he’s looked like the best WR not only in this class but in college football. At other times, he looks incredibly overmatched. One thing manages to stay consistent though: with a free release, Kayshon Boutte is a game changer. He has some excellent route-running moves, a strong release, and speed for days. When he gets outmatched physically, he struggles to even get off the line. He has injury red flags and has had a weird-ass college football career, but his ceiling is stupendously high. He’s great after the catch and has the size to play inside and outside, but he just isn’t the most elite WR in this class. That said, he does a lot of things well on the field and I won’t be surprised when he gets day 2 draft capital and shoots up to the early second round of dynasty drafts. 


I see flashes, I really do, but the amount of inconsistency I see has me taking a full step back. He can probably put it together with some patience in the right system as he has the route running, agility, and decent hands. Plays a lot bigger than his size. Feels like he needs guidance as this is my first “character concern” comment of this process, which feels mad corny, but I think Boutte needs a leader to unleash his talent. In the FSU game he looked like he just gave up in the 4th quarter. I get it, the QBs were not Burrow and the offense was spreading the ball around, but I’d like to see a little more than pouting from guys with talent. That will be my most boomer take this whole offseason, promise. Some concentration issues with catches as some balls hit him right in the hands or chest and he just let them bounce right off. I feel he may slip in the actual draft which will tank his fantasy prospect to way below what his expectations were in 21. He’s a wait-and-see guy for me at this moment.

Player Comparison:

Devery Henderson/Darius Slayton  

Grade: Late Second/Early Third Dynasty Draft Pick

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