Cedric Tillman 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Cedric Tillman, Tennessee (6’3”, 215) 

What Scouts Say:

Excellent body control and wins at the catch point. A major downfield threat that can hang on to the ball through contact. Has relied on his size to beat college defenders and comes from a spread offense that asked him to line up almost exclusively on the right side of the formation. Doesn’t have a lot of experience going in motion or running a diverse route tree. Had less production from the same spot in the offense that Josh Palmer did in 2020, and had less production than Hyatt who filled in when Tillman had surgery last season. He’s a contested catch guy and will pick the ball out of the air. Great use of leverage, and a strong build-up speed, but not a consistent separator, and relies too much on his physicality to get production and there are questions about how it will translate. 

What We Saw: 

idk man I kept falling asleep watching Tillman. 


Watching Tillman made me love Hyatt even more and I was already biased before this exercise. Tillman ran 4 routes; Go, curl, screen, and block. He would have been WR2 on LAC last year with that simplicity of route tree. He’s got the prototypical alpha frame, but I personally didn’t see any alpha tendencies in him. There were moments when he wouldn’t put any effort into routes when he wasn’t the designated target. Tillman does have good body manipulation to get the ball when thrown in his area along with the ability to utilize his long strides to cover ground quickly. He’ll probably go earlier in the draft compared to his classmates purely due to size but at the moment I’m fading him at his projected 2nd round rookie capital. Like everyone else, I’ll be happy to be wrong. 

Player Comparison:

A decent dose of Nyquil/Bryan “Preseason Randy Moss” Edwards

Grade: 3rd Round Dynasty Pick


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