Andrei Iosivas 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Andrei Iosivas, Princeton (6’3”, 205) 

What Scouts Say:

Size/speed guy, has track experience in college. He has an elite athletic profile and may crush with RAC scores. Great ball skills, can run after the catch. Not a blocker, played shitty competition, and doesn’t have a huge route tree yet. 

What We Saw: 


Andrei Iosivas is a tall, fast, elite athlete in the Christian Watson mold of “freak of nature that spent college just wrecking future insurance salesmen.” Iosivas performed well, with an average reception of over 15 yards across his three years at Princeton, but he was not the primary target for the Tigers, he was the deep play guy. He runs only a handful of routes, but he runs them well. Add that to the love he got at the Senior Bowl, and his stock is on the rise. He’s got some talent, but he’s still a bit of development away from being an impact player. 


For someone who is a 5 sport athlete with an insane RAS, he feels like he’s playing in molasses. Ran 3 routes. Post, Go and In. Decent hands, but nothing outstanding. Could be the WR3 on a team that’s low at depth. FAAB him. 

Player Comparison:

Christian Watson 

Grade: Late 3rd/4th Round Pick

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