Kendre Miller 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Kendre Miller, TCU (6’0”, 220) 

What Scouts Say:

Only one year as the main back, but exploded with 1400 yards and 17 TDs. Solid frame, good speed and great feet. Solid receiver after the catch, but may be limited to a check down guy at the next level. Aggressive running style initiates contact and leaves yards on the field as he runs at defenders instead of trying to avoid the tackle. Well-rounded frame with high end athleticism. Will most likely be firmly in the second tier of RB prospects in this draft but may end up with day 2 draft cap. 

What We Saw: 

It’s clear why Kendre Miller whipped ass in his last season at TCU. He has size, speed, a bag of moves that is up there with the best in the class, and breaks tackles. However, there is legitimate concern in my mind about his ability to break tackles in the NFL, since it seemed like his arm tackle break percent was 100%, and he struggled when he was bodied. He has a ton of traits that will translate, and his shiftiness and feet might be near the top of this class as well, he’s always moving and changing his weight around when he gets in the open field. A lot of his production came from superior blocking, but he can get it done on his own as well. In the end, I don’t think he’s the type of player that can completely dominate on the next level, but I think he is a solid rotation piece who could come in due to injury and absolutely return on value. 


Kendre seems to do everything good, but not great. It felt like a visual la croix experience. I liked what I saw from his game, but I didn’t love anything. Those statements sound a lot more negative than they really are, I just feel that he has replacement level talent, but he still has talent. Good contact balance, good acceleration, good physicality that will lead him to be a good handcuff or #2 on a team that requires a bruiser or a plodder. He will have a chance somewhere just like Brob, Allgeier, Pierce, Pacheco all saw in 2022. I feel like he’ll be a good ROI in the mid to late 2nd rounder. If I have 2.10, I wouldn’t be opposed to letting him sit on my bench.  

Player Comparison:

Alexander Mattison/2021 Darrell Henderson  

Grade: Round 2 Dynasty Pick

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