Keaton Mitchell 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Keaton Mitchell, East Carolina (5’9”, 184) 

What Scouts Say:

Small, ceiling is a Tarik Cohen type back. Explosive and electric production, over 7 yards per carry. Pure scatback, and always looking for the home run when 3 yards is available to him. Great stop and start ability, elite speed, creates space for himself. 

What We Saw: 

Keaton Mitchell is a spark plug with some serious juice and speed, he might be one of the fastest players in the draft, regardless of position. However, his size and the way he runs as a primary ball carrier will limit him at the next level to at best a pure scatback and at worst simply a return specialist. He’s a good receiver, and really you’ll notice that getting him in space allows him to dominate. He has talent and the “it” factor that makes athletes successful. If he goes to a team that lets him run back kicks and punts as well as gives him a package of 8-10 plays a game, he might be worth a back end roster spot in dynasty leagues with deep benches or return yard bonuses, because he can take any touch to the house at the next level. 


You know when you start playing Madden for the first time and you just run pitches to the outside every run play? That is Keaton Mitchell. Unfortunately, his size of 5’7 179 forces him to use his agility to bounce it outside. He is explosive and has multiple gears but I don’t see a path to a starting rb position in the NFL. If you’re out on Achane or Vaugh based on size, stick to the plan, if not maybe FAAB him because I don’t see people drafting him unless its very late. Probably better as a special teams returner IRL. 

Player Comparison:

Glyn Milburn/ any small prospect 

Grade: Undrafted

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