Will Levis 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Will Levis, Kentucky (6’3”, 232) 

What Scouts Say:

Pro size, pro arm talent. Strong mobility, comes from a pro scheme. Accurate and consistent as a passer. Mechanics inconsistent under pressure. Doesn’t read the whole field, hash to sideline vision. Can make throws in a tight window, excellent off of play action. Big sack percentage, sometimes holds the ball too long.

What We Saw: 

Kenny Pick– I mean Will Levis is someone that the scouts are already freaking out about as an early riser, a “pro ready” QB who played in an NFL type system and all that. Make no mistake about it, NFL teams can win with Will Levis, but I saw nothing that indicates teams can win BECAUSE of Will Levis. He looked much better in previous years with solid line play, but he showed too much target lock even then, and can we acknowledge the elephant in the room? Levis throws behind or above almost all of his WRs far too often. If he goes to a team with a strong offensive line and with a multitude of weapons he can be a fine starter, but the amount of teams that have that strong a core and no QB might be less than 5. He’s going to get a chance to play somewhere, and there’s a strong chance he can develop into an asset that wins games for his team, but he is a lot more raw than I think people see him as at this moment. Enjoy him, Indianapolis. 


I saw a safe prospect, I saw someone who is ready to play in The NFL, but personally I just don’t think he’s the player you want to take top 10. He’s poised, he’s decisive, has good footwork, he has touch on the ball, but there’s nothing inspiring to me at this moment of a player who is going to lead their team to victory. He won’t lose teams games, but I don’t feel he has that game breaking ability from what I saw as of right now in Jan 2023. There was target lock, which I get since he’s missing the crown jewel of their offense (Wan’daddy Robinson) and had limited time in the pocket to make his progressions. There were accuracy issues where a majority of the balls thrown over 3 yards were either under or over the receiver. If you have a guy who can go get the ball and give him more than 2 seconds in the pocket, I think he’ll do well as a pro. I get why The NFL is excited, but for fantasy purposes, he gives me The Kenny Pickett vibe from last year. I’m at 1.09, no one wants the pick so I guess I’ll take a starting NFL QB in SF. I’ll take the 15 points per week if I have an injury or bye as my QB3 but I’m not excited the player fell to me. Positional depth matters in Superflex, so get the depth.

Player Comparison:

Carson Wentz/2020 Baker Mayfield without the swagger 

Grade: Mid-Round 1 Dynasty Pick 

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