Anthony Richardson 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Anthony Richardson, Florida (6’4”, 232) 

What Scouts Say:

Pro size, huge arm. Raw, with all-pro potential. Accurate and beautiful deep ball. Hard to tackle in the pocket. Extremely inaccurate passer, puts his WRs at risk by throwing high, behind, or too far in front. Ball security and decision making issues hurt him, doesn’t make finesse throws. One year starter.

What We Saw: 

So, like, he’s raw. Incredibly raw, but when we’re talking about the talent he has and potential, it’s not just his physical abilities. He follows progressions, has a great pump fake, a gorgeous deep ball, looks safeties off naturally, and a bunch of other mechanical stuff. He is also an incredibly unpolished prospect in terms of what he’s put on tape. He needs a LOT of work on his accuracy, he misses open receivers, his pocket footwork is spotty, and sometimes he makes throws that left me scratching my head. However, I think he can be coached and schemed into a successful NFL player and if that happens the sky’s the limit. When he was a rotation starter in 2021 he looked much more raw so I’m optimistic he can develop further with pro coaching. My desire to roster Anthony Richardson in dynasty is 100% tied to where he lands in the draft. Go ahead and read a scouting report of Richardson in 2023 and then one of Josh Allen in 2018, and you’ll see how much they have in common in terms of tools, but the question will always be if he can harness it. 


I feel a nice middle ground of what scouts are saying is correct. When he’s good he’s great and when he’s bad, he’s frustrating. Richardson has that DAWG in him, the man fights for every yard and you can tell he wants to put the team on his back and carry them to victory. The DAWG needs to be trained though, he’s a very raw prospect but those flashes are amazing. Good progression process for essentially a 1 year starter. Biggest thing I saw was the footwork, if he can properly set his feet, he can put the ball anywhere he wants it 60 yards down the field, but if there’s pressure in the pocket and his feet aren’t set that ball isn’t going anywhere near the intended receiver as he’s chucking that fastball out there. Amazing runner and a cheat code if he can get it together. Biggest determining factor for where I take him in drafts will be capital and team. If he goes to a good system in the top 50 picks, I’ll take him as a late 1st/early 2nd and let him sit in the taxi.

Player Comparison:

Year 1 Jalen Hurts, Cam Newton

Grade: Moved up to Early Round 1 Dynasty pick post-combine

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