Chigoziem Okonkwo 2022 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Chigoziem Okonkwo Key Stats:

Tight End, Maryland
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 238
Blocking: for nerds
RAS: 6.46

Games Watched:
Penn State, Michigan State, West Virginia, Minnesota 

Positives Scouts Saw: 
  • Good hands, huge wingspan
  • Good YAC guy
  • Has upside as a pure receiving TE at the next level 
Negatives Scouts Saw: 
  • Blocking
  • Not great at finding the hole in the zone
  • Medicals
Positives I Saw:
  • Good straight-line speed
  • Tough to bring down
  • Produced with bad QB play 
Negatives I Saw: 
  • Medicals
  • Blocking
  • Will be less of a size/speed mismatch at the next level
As a Prospect:

Okonkwo is a willing blocker who doesn’t always fulfill his obligations on a given play, especially in pass protection. That alone can hurt his upside, which at this point is going to be strictly as a receiver. His potential is that of a slot TE who lacks the size to compete for jump balls at the highest level, but with 4.5 speed and the ability to consistently beat linebackers to get looks. He has the potential to be a tweener and play more of a hybrid h-back/big slot guy, but he lacks the long speed to beat guys over the top. 

Fantasy Football Potential:

Chigoziem Okonkwo is either an end-of-bench TE prospect or someone with value in deep dynasty leagues with TE premium bonuses if he gets used in a hybrid role. The raw talent is there to be coached up, but it seems like every couple of years there’s a handful of guys like this who don’t pan out. I would say Okonkwo is less likely to break out and have a long career than some of the other players with similar profiles, but like Mary Swanson to Lloyd Christmas, I’m tellin’ you there’s a chance.  


Okonkwo is a decent receiving prospect that doesn’t have a lot of positional utility for a team as a blocker. He isn’t a jump ball winner or an especially big target, but players have been successful in the NFL with less than he has. His upside lies in the potential to play with a more accurate and dynamic quarterback at the next level, but I doubt that he will be drafted to be a team’s TE1, so he better develop some chemistry with the Chases Daniel of the world to stick on a roster long enough to develop into a thing. 

Chigoziem Okonkwo Reminds Me Of:

David Njoku 

Grade: 73/100

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