Cade Otton 2022 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Cade Otton Key Stats:

Tight End, Washington
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 247
Much better at: real football than fantasy football

Games Watched:
Urah (2020), Montana, Arizona (2020), Oregon, UCLA, Michigan

Positives Scouts Saw:
  • Blocking
  • Soft hands
  • Contested catch winner
Negatives Scouts Saw:
  • Not a great route runner
  • Not a dynamic receiver 
  • Never used as a primary receiving option 
Positives I Saw:
  • Blocker with potential on check-downs and short routes
  • Played well in 2021 as a chip blocker and double team blocking on both Thibedeux and Hutchinson 
  • Better NFL player than fantasy football asset
Negatives I Saw: 
  • Rounds off his routes
  • Limited Route Tree
  • Occasional concentration drops
As a Prospect:

Cade Otton is a guy I’d like on my favorite NFL team, but maybe not my fantasy football team. He blocks extremely well, and as I mentioned before he held his own against two of the top edge rushing prospects of this class. Those kinds of skills are invaluable to a professional team and I feel like he’s going to get a chance simply because of that. He’s a fine, replacement-level receiver, but he will make a 53 man roster because he can help slow down some of the better pass rushers in the league (possibly). 

Fantasy Football Potential:

Cade Otton most likely has a path to fantasy relevance through injury, but tight ends are weird. You never know if he’s just gonna be a QBs favorite dude and that leads to a boost in his productivity. However, I see him as a team’s second on the depth chart, and if you have him in redraft come August, maybe it’s time you finally signed up for Betterhelp! 


Cade Otton is a large target that can help in red zone situations for a team, maybe come in and be a plus blocker in a goal-line formation, maybe flexed in as an H back occasionally. Unfortunately, there are about three dozen dudes in the league already that do what Cade Otton does, so he is going to have to show teams that he’s more than just a blocker. I like Cade Otton’s tape, he seems like an incredibly well-rounded football player, but I don’t want him on my fantasy or dynasty team. 

Cade Otton Reminds Me Of:

Dan Arnold

Grade: 71/100

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