Fantasy Football Week 15 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet

Rashaad Penny Seattle Seahawks

Week fourteen of the 2021 NFL season is over and I’m going to get real with you. I’m a fan of the Chicago Bears, so I don’t even know why I care anymore. I watched Aaron Rodgers double down on his ownership of the Bears, while discount double-checking us to death. As he has done for the past decade. Now, I’m suddenly expected to tell you all the wonderful players on the waiver wire. Let me tell you a little secret – NOTHING IS WONDERFUL! I’ll tell you what options you have, but don’t expect anything good! If I don’t mention someone whom you think I should be talking about, just know there are many reasons why I overlooked them. Maybe they are owned in most leagues. Maybe they are so bad I don’t even consider them.  Maybe it’s because your opinions cannot be trusted. After all, you are here. So let us examine the best week fifteen waiver wire players for your championship run…

Week Fifteen Waiver Wire Quarterbacks
Taysom Hill, New Orleans Saints (54% rostered)

Last week, I taught you about the Blake Bortles Rule and how, by the transitive property of bad football, Taysom Hill is actually good at fantasy football. Many of you scoffed at the notion, but week fourteen only proves that Taysom Hill is all the quarterback you’ll ever need. Taysom Hill finished as the QB4, making this his second top-five fantasy finish in a row. While Hill’s 175 passing yards aren’t impressive, his 73 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns are what make him a cheat code for fantasy football. If Taysom Hill is on your waiver wire, grab him. Even if you don’t need a quarterback, you don’t want to face him in the playoffs.

Week Fifteen Waiver Wire Running Backs
Rashaad Penny, Seattle Seahawks (15% rostered)

We’ve been waiting since 2018, but Rashaad Penny is finally relevant in fantasy football. And all it took was the total collapse of the Seattle Seahawks. Don’t let the fact that the Seahawks are a complete and utter train wreck stop you from enjoying the only living running back on this team. After all, when is the last time the Seahawks have a running back finish in the top five this year? Penny had 137 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns against the Houston Texans. More importantly, he had 57% of the team’s snaps, compared to Alex Collins’ 23%. Rashaad Penny is probably the best running back option you will find on the waiver wire.

Justin Jackson, Los Angeles Chargers (2% rostered)

If you have Austin Ekeler on your roster, you will want to grab Justin Jackson. If you don’t have Austin Ekeler on your roster, you still probably want to grab Justin Jackson. With Ekeler hurting his ankle in week fourteen, you want to grab Jackson so you have the starting running back on a high-powered offense. You also don’t want your enemies to have him.

Week Fifteen Waiver Wire Wide Receivers
K.J. Osborn, Minnesota Vikings (33% rostered)

The question going into week fourteen was what K.J. Osborn’s role would look like in the Vikings offense without Adam Thielen. Based on his performance against the Steelers, there is room to hope that Osborn is a viable short-term solution at receiver while Thielen gets healthy. Osborn had 9 targets, 3 catches, 83 yards, and 1 touchdown. While the catch-rate is disappointing, the usage is not. Especially since next week, he gets to face a Bears secondary that makes me cry on a regular basis. If you need a wide receiver for week fifteen, Osborn is your best waiver wire option.

Allen Lazard, Atlanta Falcons (4% rostered) 

Speaking of Bears’ secondary’s that made me cry, Allen Lazard was one of two Packers receivers with top ten finishes in week fourteen. With 6 catches, 75 yards, and 1 touchdown, Lazard helped the Packers’ offense dismantle my favorite football team and weep bitter, bitter tears. So if you want to make your opponents cry and can’t get K.J. Osborn, Allen Lazard is a solid consolation prize.

Week Fifteen Waiver Wire Tight Ends
Austin Hooper, Cleveland Browns (40% rostered)

Let me preface this by saying what I say every week. Tight ends suck. They are the worst. Only a couple are any good at fantasy football, which makes figuring out who to grab frustrating. Austin Hooper is a player worth keeping an eye on. Keep an eye out on the status of David Njoku, who missed last week due to being on the Covid list. Austin Hooper capitalized on the lack of tight end competition in week fourteen with 5 catches, 30 yards, and 1 touchdown. If Njoku misses another week, Hooper could find himself in a great situation against a Las Vegas Raiders team that gives up the second-most fantasy points to opposing tight ends.

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