New York Giants, Sorry For Your Loss!

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Eleven weeks ago, we all had an idea of how the NFL season was going to go. The scheduling committee celebrated Tom Brady’s latest championship ring by handing him a cupcake schedule. Alas, the Bucs entered week eleven on a two-game losing streak (use that loosely), against the New York Giants. Now, I’m old enough to remember the Giants as a legitimate contending franchise. Unfortunately, this era’s New York Giants are far removed even from the days when Momma Manning’s third favorite son won a couple of rings off of Tommy Brady.

The times have changed, and well I am so sorry for your loss, New York Giants. Your season is over.

The recent history of the NFC East is not one marked by high play quality. By that trend alone, every team in the division is normally mathematically alive until week 14. This year is different. Dallas is back to peaking early, Philly has shown flashes of competence, and Washington is the perennial spoiler. What about New York? Divisional punching bag? They have so many young high profile players, and yet, no clear direction.

Sure, the Giants were playing a defending Super Bowl champ, but they could still only muster 215 yards on offense. The Bucs had the same total (11) drives but put up nearly double the yards and triple the points.

The Giants’ offense is one big question mark. Saquon is back. Toney is showing flashes of his first-round pick and as long as Danny Dimes is not playing after the 4:00 P.M. EST time, he is a quality option at quarterback. He is 0-7 in primetime games. This Monday night, Danny boy tossed 167 yards, 1TD, and 2 INT. That sort of stat line is going to get you drafted by Ryan Pace. New York is a city that believes everything they do is primetime worthy. This team needs to be relegated to London, or at least wherever they sent Jason Garrett. If you listen closely on a still night, you can still hear him clapping.

New York’s defense didn’t do any favors for their pals on offense either. Brady worked them for 307 yards and two touchdown passes before mercifully giving way to Blaine Gabbert in the fourth quarter. Gronk and Mike Evans took the lion’s share of the offensive opportunities combining for half of Brady’s passing stat line. The second half of the game was all Tampa. The Giants couldn’t get it done with the less than brilliant Jason Garrett calling the plays.

Since the close of the game, the Giants have canned Jason Garret. Who by all accounts was never really known for his offensive prowess. Maybe the Giants hired him because progress for the franchise would be to flop in the first round of the playoffs?

The remainder of the season is going to be compelling for New York. How big an overhaul is needed on this roster and front office? Jones has shown he’s okay and at his best, not too bad. Saquon, Toney, and even Golladay should make this offense pop. We can definitely play,”imagine if they took Justin Fields” at this point if you’ve not already done so.

Cleaning house is cathartic but it still doesn’t change the fact that there’s more hope in New York for the team in green than big blue.

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