8 Fascinating Facts about the 2021 NFL Wild Card Round

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That there are NFL playoffs at all is the best of these 2021 wild card facts! Well, recalibrate your fascin-o-meters, because it’s here. We’ve got a whopping 6 different wild-card playoff games featuring some familiar faces as well as some freshly-Bakered ones, as well.

Now is probably my favorite time of year. I shift from thinking and giving advice about fantasy to actually contemplating real-life football. Don’t get me wrong, my heart will always go for fantasy, it’s just been 16  straight weeks of it so I want a change. Don’t look at me like that!

But I also like shifting to the unique possibilities that the oncoming playoff matchups may lead to. What could happen that has never happened before? Well, yes, a Super Bowl title for the Browns to pair with their other semi-recent titles: Their 2016 NBA title and their decisive victory at the Battle of Hastings.

With that in mind, I went over all six wild-card games and found at least one fact I deemed “fascinating” enough for each one. Those who are new to this column (and it is the first Fascinating Facts piece I’ve written all year) may be suspicious that I don’t provide any links to sources. That’s simply because my sources are me scrolling through tables upon tables of data to write facts that are, at least from my point of view, original.  I do all that to maximize your enjoyment, dear reader. And, really, because sitting around thinking about the NFL without having to work in fantasy is novel enough at this point in the season to be really, really fun!

2021 NFL Wild Card Facts

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