Fantasy Football Absurdity Check: Is it Time to Drop Jared Cook?

Waiver Wire Tight End Jared Cook Absurdity Check

Every week, I do the fantasy football cut list, the list of players that you shouuld probably consider shuffling off your roster for the new hotness. Usually, my Absurdity Checks usually stay away from dropping a player. But, every once in a while I repeatedly say to drop a player and nobody listens! That’s when he gets his whole dang Absurdity Check. Today we figure out if it’s time to cut bait and drop Jared Cook.

It is! Okay, thank you for playing, thank you for reading.

Jared Cook has been absolutely abysmal since Drew Brees broke his ribs against the 49ers several weeks ago. Including that game, Cook has five targets, one catch, and six yards over the last three games. That’s not per game, that’s total. He’s been terrible without Drew Brees. This is a situation that has persisted without Drew Brees during Cook’s Saints career. In his four games without Drew Brees last year, Cook had 11 catches for 106 yards and two scores in 2019. But, no Brees, no Cook.

Unfortunately this year, more often than not, even if Cook had Brees, he wasn’t a super advisable play. He fell into the middle class of tight ends, averaging 3 catches for about 40 yards per game. That’s in the Mike Gesicki/Logan Thomas territory of “backend TE1 who flashes with touchdowns” range. That isn’t necessarily the type of player you go out of your way to keep on your roster.  Now that he does not have Drew Brees, at least for the time being, his fantasy managers would scream from the top of their lungs celebrating a 3/40 game from Jared Cook.

But, I think that it’s time to drop Jared Cook. If you’ve come this far, you’ve probably found a suitable replacement while you had him comfortably tucked away on your bench. If you are itchy about dropping him, you have to admit he is on his last legs. Cook gets the Falcons and Eagles in the next two weeks, two teams who rank in the top-ten in fantasy points allowed to opposing tight ends. So, you have the do-or-die part of his schedule coming up; unfortunately, Cook played the Falcons in week eleven. He had just one target in that contest. The new-look Saints with Taysom Hill throw the ball fewer than 20 times per game (and fewer than 11 targets per game to non-Michael Thomas players), meaning there might not be enough targets to go around for Jared Cook to be fantasy relevant.

I think the time has run out for Jared Cook’s spot on our fantasy rosters. If you’re asking if you should drop Jared Cook, and you have a better option, drop him. If you are in dire straits, you have good matchups coming up. But, if you want to know if you should drop Jared Cook, you should. The time is here.

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