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The 2020 NFL Draft is in the books, and that means it’s time for us to fully turn our attention to the 2020 NFL season and fantasy football. While COVID-19 means we can’t guarantee an NFL season, our league mates want us to be on our heels, unprepared for the season. Never you fear, Football Absurdity is here to cover all of the 78 fantasy football eligible players drafted in the 2020 NFL Draft. Keep in mind, most of these guys won’t get selected in your draft, but you’ll want to know these 2020 NFL draftees when your fantasy football draft comes around. As for undrafted free agents, we will worry about those guys down the line. We’ve finished our look around the NFC West teams, and it’s time to move on to the NFC East. We start this look with America’s Team, The Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys had a very interesting draft. Owner/GM/Director of Player Personnel/Lich King Jerry Jones put his phone on airplane mode and clicked OK when his scouting director popped up and said “YOU CAN’T DRAFT YET ANOTHER WIDE RECEIVER! YOU WILL REGRET THIS!” Jerry took two fantasy football eligible players in this draft for the Dallas Cowboys: a first-round wide receiver and a seventh-round quarterback. How do these two players shake out for the Dallas Cowboys, and for your 2020 fantasy football leagues?

Rd Pick Player Pos School
1 17 CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma
2 19 Trevon Diggs CB Alabama
3 18 Neville Gallimore DT Oklahoma
4 17 Reggie Robinson II CB Tulsa
5 33 Bradlee Anae DE Utah
7 17 Ben DiNucci QB James Madison


Round 1, Pick 17: CeeDee Lamb, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma (6’2” 198 lbs)
40-yd Dash Bench Press Vertical Jump Broad Jump 3 Cone 20-yd shuttle 60-yd shuttle
4.5 (u) 11 reps 34.5 in 124.0 in

Courtesy: NFL.com, (u) = unofficial.

Depth Chart:
WR1       Amari Cooper
WR2       Michael Gallup (for now)
WR3       CeeDee Lamb

CeeDee Lamb was my favorite wide receiver in this class and has a chance to become an all-time player at the position. I likened him in my predraft process to Odell Beckham Jr or DeAndre Hopkins. He’s electric with the ball, including scoring on two separate plays against Texas where he was completely surrounded by Texas defenders yards from the end zone. Lamb is an incredibly natural and fluid wide receiver. His body control and Crisco-covered body make everyone trying to tackle him look like the keystone cops.

Defenders fail to get into a position to sufficiently tackle him, and when they try, they slip right off of him. He has great contact balance and vision, and is like a snake out there, winding through the secondary seem easy. Lamb is fast, but not a burner like his teammate Henry Ruggs, but has the body control, hands, and athleticism for downfield targets. He feels like a slam dunk star in 3-5 years (or less).


This is where things get sort of messy. The Cowboys have a lot of weapons. A lot of weapons. Granted, that doesn’t mean that they won’t use them all well. The Rams pulled it off with their triumvirate of Brandin Cooks/Cooper Kupp/Robert Woods, but they also put together a historic offense. Will the Cowboys, with their guys, Ezekiel Elliott, and Dak Prescott do the same? It’s possible. After all, Randall Cobb had 828 yards last year and Lamb is much better than Cobb. The more I try to cut it up, the more I see a path to production for Lamb. I see a lot of wishcrafting targets to Blake Jarwin, which is indicative of the fantasy community really wanting something to happen and then prognosticating around it. Will the Cowboys have lots of targets for Jarwin, a depth chart TE, or CeeDee Lamb, their first-round pick?


Just about one-sixth of wide receivers drafted in the first-100 picks end up as top-36 fantasy football commodities. Lamb has the talent to pull that off in what might be a crowded offense (a crowded offense is code for “a prolific offense that hasn’t realized its potential yet.”) Lamb is certainly worthy of a late-round stash or a midseason pickup.

There is a chance that he turns out to be Chris Godwin, a talent that needs some depth chart tomfoolery to clear up before he realizes his potential. I’m not bullish on this take, and I think the Cowboys offense turns it on and finds Lamb enough opportunity to return top-30 value this season.

Just remember that rookie wide receivers rarely turn it on for the whole season. Remember 2018 Calvin Ridley? And 2019 A.J. Brown? Those are two sides of the rookie wide receiver coin. I go into more depth about it on our Patreon. Long story short: if he starts hot, trade him. If he starts slow, pick him up. Cream rises to the top for rookie wide receivers more often than not.

Round 7, Pick 17: Ben DiNucci, Quarterback, James Madison (6’3” 210 lbs)
40-yd Dash Bench Press Vertical Jump Broad Jump 3 Cone 20-yd shuttle 60-yd shuttle

Courtesy: NFL.com, (u) = unofficial.

Depth Chart:
QB1        Dak Prescott
QB2        Cooper Rush
QB3        Clayton Thorson
QB4        Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore
QB5        Ben DiNucci
UPDATE! The Cowboys “won” the Andy Dalton “sweepstakes.” Put him ahead of Cooper Rush, of course. AND AHEAD OF DAK PRESCOTT (not really)

This is a weird situation to be in. There are no Ben DiNucci cutups on YouTube. There is no draft profile on NFL.com. There’s nothing. According to sports-reference.com, he sucked at Pitt in 11 games back in 2016 and 2017. According to a glowing (?) profile on ProFootballNetwork.com, he sucked at James Madison in 2018, then sucked less in 2019 and added a running component to his game. Even the glowing article for DiNucci compares him to having a (best case) Duck Hodges impact. Duck Hodges had five touchdowns and eight interceptions in six starts last season.

I tried watching a DiNucci highlight package and it started with a screen pass with Pitt down 35-0, then a five-yard pass with Pitt down 49-7, then a flip pass on an RPO with Pitt down 28-6. After that I scrubbed forward to generic basic plays at JMU as highlights (scramble, 10-yard pass, pass to a wide-open receiver downfield). Then a 34-yard touchdown at the end of the first half described as a Hail Mary. Then I closed the window.


Jerry Jones himself would start at QB before Ben DiNucci does this season. If it gets to Ben, then Dallas is in shambles.


Maybe he can recreate the incredible fantasy football value of Devlin Hodges if the Cowboys’ QB depth chart completely falls apart.

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