Quarterback Sleepers Week 13: Hey Man, You Looking to Score?

week 13 quarterback sleepers

You lookin’ for week 13 quarterback sleepers? Don’t make eye contact. Just sit down.

Are you a cop? You have to tell me if you’re a cop.

Heard you were looking to score some QB. I don’t have any primo ones left though, I just have some shwag sleepers. But they’ll do the trick, here smell these:

Week 13 QB Sleeper:
Sam Darnold at Cincinnati (49% owned)

This guy has been really popular in New York, lately. Gets you a nice high ceiling especially when you take him with a glass of Cincinnati. It should get you happy for about three hours with no harsh comedown. The last few times I’ve used this I’ve gotten high, like super-high. We’re talking over 30 points high the last two weeks. Mix him with that Cincinnati and you’re off to the races.

Week 13 QB Sleeper:
Ryan Tannehill at Indianapolis(33% owned)

This might not look like much, but he has been tearing people up for five straight games. If you’ve got something to do that requires a low fantasy score, you’ll want to pass: There might be no end to how long this guy lasts. Roll him up with a middling defense like the Colts and he’ll smoke them cleanly.

Now, there’s been some word on the streets about a bad batch of Tannehill hurting owners a few months ago. But that’s not Tannehill at all, that was something called “Marcus Mariota” and we don’t mess with the supplier who sold us that, anymore. We know you need to know your quarterback sleepers are primo.

Week 13 QB Sleeper:
Nick Foles versus Tampa Bay (34% owned)

Now, this guy is a bargain: A lot of people have complained he’s pretty weak, but we figured out a whole new method of delivery. First, put Nick Foles in a small container of hot water. Then, add either baking soda or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ second-worst pass defense. Now boil off the liquid and you’ll be ready to light up that Astroturf to the tune of 20-30 fantasy points. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the heat, because the Jacksonville running game is great at distracting enforcers.

Week 13 QB Sleeper:
Andy Dalton versus N.Y. Jets (7% owned)

I got something if you’re adventurous or really desperate. Kids on the street call it, “the Line” or “Red Rocket.” Now this is the first batch to hit the streets in a while, so we don’t know how strong it is, beware. But the last batch spun people to the tune of 18.21 fantasy points per game, which ain’t bad. In fact, I’ll give you this one for free, because it’s so widely available. But if it hits against a mild Jets defense, I’m going to have to start charging you.


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