Week Eleven Quarterback Sleepers – The Return of BDN

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It’s time for fantasy football week eleven, and half the teams in the league have had to turn to a backup quarterback at this point. Whether you’re an Aaron Rodgers, or Russell Wilson owner, or a Gardner Minshew owner, it’s time for you to turn to one of our week eleven fantasy football quarterback sleepers. As always, before sifting through the dregs below, check out Waleed’s Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet to see if anyone slipped through the cracks. To qualify as one of these fantasy football quarterback sleepers, ownership must be below 50% ownership on Yahoo! For deeper league fantasy football players, we have one quarterback that’s available in at least 90% of Yahoo! leagues. 

Week 11 Fantasy Football Sleeper Quarterback:
Nick Foles at Indianapolis (24% Owned)

Remember BDN? He’s back, in Jaguars form! And unlike the new Simpsons in Disney+, he gets to use the full depth and breadth of the field to show off what he can do with the Jags. He played perfectly well before breaking his collarbone in an extremely quick manner in week one (5/8, 75 yards, touchdown). In fact, watch the play where he broke his collarbone, it’s an amazing touchdown pass to D.J. Chark.


The Colts, on paper, are a bad matchup for Foles, as they give up the twelvth-fewest fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks. However, a lot of that has to do with shutting down a (now benched) Joe Flacco, a (now benched) Marcus Mariota and a (worst quarterback in the league) Mason Rudolph. Outside of those three games, opposing fantasy football quarterbacks score 22.16 fantasy points against the Colts.


Week 11 Fantasy Football Sleeper Quarterback:
Kyle Allen versus Atlanta (22% Owned)

This is the guy among the week eleven fantasy football quarterback sleepers that I fear will unexpectedly blow up in my face. I say that with the caveat that entering The Ryan Fitzpatrick Zone and leaving due to an explosion directed at your face is not an unexpected event. I say this because Atlanta sacked Drew Brees six times last week en route to holding the Saints to just field goals, so maybe their defense turned a corner? I’m not super certain that’s the case, and this is actually an active bet against that. Before last week, the Falcons proved themselves to be one of the league’s best fantasy football matchups for opposing quarterbacks. Before they shut down Brees, eight-straight QBs had at least two touchdowns against them (out of eight games).

If you except the absolute shellacking against the 49ers, a game that was such a thorough beatdown that people insisted that the Panthers were no longer a good team, Kyle Allen has produced a good amount of fantasy points in his last four starts. Granted, a lot of this has to do with letting Christian McCaffrey do the hard part, but fantasy points are fantasy points, baby. Overall, Kyle Allen has at least 18.4 fantasy points in three of his last four contests, with the 49ers beatdown as the sole exception to the rule.


Deep Dive Week 11 Fantasy Football Sleeper Quarterback:
Ryan Fitzpatrick versus Buffalo (10% Owned)

First of all, I have a special message to all my Fitzmagicians out there. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, who’s ready to hop right back onto this roller coaster? Since taking over as the sole quarterback for the Miami Dolphins four weeks ago, Ryan Fitzpatrick has been a legitimately good fantasy football quarterback. The reason he remains as one of the fantasy football quarterback sleepers is that he has done it against absolutely insane matchups. The Bills, Steelers, and Colts are all bottom half matchups, and the Jets are outside the top-ten. He’s cruised through all those games in the way only Fitzmagic can cruise. Over the last four weeks, he’s a top-ten fantasy football quarterback. Out of options available this week due to byes and injuries, he’s fifth.

Fitzpatrick is a definite rollercoaster, but if you’re getting this deep, the end result will be at least serviceable. If you’re worried about this Bills matchup, he already torched them once this season… in their house. The Bills are also coming back down to earth, having feasted on an easy early schedule.

And what was in that shoebox?


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