Start or Sit Joe Mixon, Marlon Mack, or Tevin Coleman in Week 7?

Should I Start Joe Mixon, Marlon Mack, or Tevin Coleman in Week 7?

This year, for start-or-sit advice, I’ve decided to share my wife’s fantasy football “insight” with the world. We will be looking at some sticky fantasy football start or sit decisions each week, and each of us will tell you whether or not you should rock ’em or sock ’em. I will use mostly statistical analysis, with just a touch of gut feeling. Erin will use whatever thing she uses to tell you how each player’s name speaks to her.

First, A Quick Week 6 Recap… 
Scoring System: 1 point for good advice, 0 points for neutral advice, -1 point for bad advice (Deciding if the outcome is good, neutral, or bad is 100% subjective and non-negotiable)

Fantasy Points (0.5 PPR)

Bryan (Start/Sit, Score) Erin (Start/Sit, Score)
Jordan Howard 4.9 Sit,  +1

Sit, +1

Carlos Hyde

17.5 Start, +1 Start, +1

Kenyan Drake

10 Sit, 0 Start, 0
Robert Woods 7.6 Sit, +1

Sit, +1

Calvin Ridley 12.8 Start, +1

Sit, -1

Michael Gallup

6.8 Start, -1 Start, -1
Melvin Gordon 6.3 Start, -1

Sit, +1

Austin Ekeler

4.3 Start, -1 Start, -1
Kerryon Johnson 13.1 Start, +1

Start, +1

Week 6 Total

+2 +2
Season Total


Week 7 Start or Sit Picks:

Start or Sit Joe Mixon vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Week 7

Bryan’s Take: Oh Joe, say it ain’t so! Joe “fantasy bust of the year” Mixon cut his owners’ legs out from under them in Week 1, and has kicked them while they’re down almost every week since. Let’s face it, the Bengals are as good at footballing as I am at spelling Cincinatti.  This week, they get the slightly better at football Jacksonville Jaguars, but the Jags D ain’t what it used to be. They’re giving up over 130 rushing yards per game, and have already surrendered six rushing TDs. If you can’t Start Joe Mixon week 7, I don’t know when you can.

Erin’s Take: When I heard his name, my mind immediately went to DQ, looking  for a Blizzard with some delicious MIX INs. Can you really feel bad about someone who makes you think of ice cream? Me neither. Start Joe Mixon (Mix In) week 7.


Start or Sit Marlon Mack vs. Houston Texans Week 7

Bryan’s Take: The Colts are coming off a bye, so Mack and his ankle should be well rested. The last time we saw him, he was tearing apart the Kansas City Chiefs for almost 150 total yards. Speaking of the Chiefs, did you see how the Texans defense handled them in Week 6? Houston has only allowed three rushing TDs on the year, and has limited opposing rushers to less than 90 yards per game. I think you need to temper your Mackspectations and Sit Marlon Mack week 7.

Erin’s Take: Even though it’s spelled different, “Marlon” made me think of fish. You know, like Nemo’s dad from Finding Nemo. Even though “Marlon Mack” sounds more like the name of an undersea  DJ than a football player, I still think you should Start Marlon Mack week 7.


Start or Sit Tevin Coleman vs. Washington Week 6

Bryan’s Take: The San Francisco backfield has become a virtual 50/50 split between Tevin Coleman and Matt Breida. This week’s matchup is good news for both of them! Washington has given up over 800 rushing yards this year, including 80 yards and a TD to that intimidating Miami Dolphins running back committee. After sitting out Weeks 2 and 3 with a boo boo ankle, Coleman has scored in each of his last two games. He should have now problem making it three in a row this week. Start Tevin Coleman week 7.

Erin’s Take: I think the first CD I ever owned was by Tevin Campbell. He was really cool in 1993, which is the same year Tevin Coleman was born (I googled it!). Obviously, his mom was a fan. All that said, my initial gut reaction was to Sit Tevin Coleman week 7, and I’m going to stick to it.


Final Ranks

Bryan: Joe Mixon > Tevin Coleman > Marlon Mack

Erin: Joe Mixon > Marlon Mack > Tevin Coleman


Check back as we keep score on who made the best calls for week 7, and come back tomorrow for more of Bryan and Erin’s Week 7 start/sit calls.

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