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2019 Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist: Wide Receiver Depth, Tight End 

Things went pretty great for those of us who invested in the New Orleans Saints in our 2018 fantasy football leagues. While that was great for us last year, it makes for a pretty bad article. They don’t have a lot they need, especially on offense. The Saints replaced Mark Ingram with Latavius Murray and will continue to have Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, and Alvin Kamara. They will also continue to have one of the best offensive lines in football, so no needs there.  

Really, this works out great for the Saints this year, because they don’t have any useful picks. Well, they have one. They pick at #62, and then not again until #168. Really made life easy on the scouts there, huh? This leaves them mostly getting depth pieces if they are going to get anything on offense. The Saints likely won’t get someone who will drastically reorganize their depth chart, but they have two pieces that they could add that would help fantasy football owners in 2019. 

New Orleans Fantasy Football Wishlist, Item 1: Wide Receiver 

The Saints don’t need a wide receiver, but a depth piece would be nice. They don’t have a lot of weaknesses, so snagging whoever of the big mishmash of round two & round three receivers would be a good idea. More than likely, they will move that pick for a third and a fourth so that they can have more pieces. Andy Isabella makes for a good fit here. He’s slated to go in the mid-rounds, and Lance Zierlein compares him to Philip Dorsett. The Saints could use a speedster who isn’t Ted Ginn, Jr., so that would work out well for them. 

New Orleans Saints Fantasy Football Wishlist, Item 2: Tight End 

Man, remember Jimmy Graham? This sure would be a nice luxury for fantasy football owners in 2019. We tried to love Coby Fleener, we tried to love Josh Hill. Unfortunately, they left us more broken and confused than a night on Bourbon Street. A late round tight end likely would not help as a fantasy football asset in 2019, but rolling more of Drew Brees’s disparate production into one player could be useful in the future. Tight End Foster Moreau, a SPARQ freak in the George Kittle mold, would do wonders to help this already powerful offense provide fantasy football value for owners in 2019. 

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