NFL Draft: Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Wishlist

Ssh. Quiet. Hear that? That’s the sound of the ghost of the 2018 Seattle Seahawks’ fantasy football performance. Some say that on a quiet night, you can hear Brian Schottenheimer’s voice in the distance. ~~~Establish the run~~~. The Seahawks offense in 2018 was definitely built around ramming Chris Carson into the defense as many times as humanly possible, despite spending last season’s first-round pick on running back Rashaad Penny. Doug Baldwin’s body suddenly having the structural integrity of Mantis in Infinity War certainly didn’t help matters and turns a potential strength into a key part of the 2019 NFL Draft Seattle Seahawks fantasy football wishlist.

2018’s Best Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Player: Chris Carson, Running Back
2018’s Biggest Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Disappointment: Rashaad Penny, Running Back
2019 Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist: OL, WR

Offensive Line:
When your playbook consists of running the ball until you get to third and nine and then running seven-yard curls, you need as many offensive linemen as you can get. Poor Russel Wilson spent last season running for his life (what else is new), and they let Wilson get put on his rear end over three times per game. Bolstering the offensive line will not only give Wilson the time to operate, but it will also give Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny the room to move.

Wide Receiver:
While tight end is a more pressing need in the larger scope of things, rookie tight ends famously peak at doing nothing most of the time. Doug Baldwin’s insides suddenly look like MacGyver put him back together, and that leaves Tyler Lockett and David Moore as their top reliable wide receivers. The Seahawks don’t need to spend a first rounder on a WR, but they need something at the position unless they want to be sued for gross negligence. Literally, any of the top-five WRs would make their corps much better, but someone like Parris Campbell in the second feels like a good fit if the Seahawks are interested in helping out fantasy football rosters in 2019.

Though they probably don’t care, to be honest. Rashaad Penny proved that.

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