NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Wishlist

Arizona Cardinals fantasy football was mostly an abject disaster last season and earned every bit of their #1 pick. Unsurprisingly, that left a lot of holes on offense, and in important positions. Instead of listing “everyone but David Johnson,” we explore their three biggest needs to better help fantasy football players headed into 2019.

2018’s Best Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Player: David Johnson, Running Back
2018’s Biggest Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Disappointment: David Johnson, Running Back
2019 Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist: OL, QB, WR

Offensive Line:
The Cardinals pick first overall in the upcoming NFL draft, and I’m sure you are as shocked as I am that their fantasy football needs list is as long as Larry Fitzgerald’s dreadlocks. Unsurprisingly, Pro Football Focus’s worst 2018 offensive line’s biggest need is big uglies. For fantasy football, and perhaps, in real life, their second-biggest (and potentially most pressing) need is a signal caller. And yes, call me skeptical that the Human Holding Penalty, J.R. Sweezy, will not bolster this position group.

Josh Rosen was bad, but he was playing in an offense that got everyone canned entering 2019 (maybe even him). Still, he started 13 games and he peaked at 18.3 fantasy points, averaging just 8.9 fantasy points per game in 2018. That was astronomically bad. How bad? In a world where Brock Osweiler, Colt McCoy, and Jeff Driskel managed double-digit fantasy points per game, he had fewer than nine. If he doubled his fantasy points her game, he still would not have been top-20 in fantasy points per game last season.

That’s not all his fault (see the most pressing need and the third-most pressing need), but the rumor mill says he may not even get a chance at redemption. A rising tide lifts all boats and whatnot, but snagging Kyler Murray this year and using two top-ten picks on QBs in two years can’t bode well for the longevity of the Cardinals front office.

Wide Receiver:
This was close between tight end and wide receiver for their third biggest wish, but given that Larry Fitzgerald has one foot in the proverbial grave, Kevin White has one foot falling off, and Christian Kirk can only do so much, the Cardinals third wish is for a competent wide receiver. We aren’t talking a D.K. Metcalf or anything like that, but a competent, big wide receiver like Miles Boykin would be right up their alley to pair with their speedster sophomore, Christian Kirk.

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