NFL Draft: Los Angeles Rams Fantasy Football Wishlist

What do you get the team that has everything? The Los Angeles Rams boast more top-25 fantasy football wide receivers going into the 2019 draft than the New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, and Tennessee Titans combined. Jared Goff is developing into one of the best young quarterbacks in the league (who may actually now know which way the sun rises), and Todd Gurley, despite the knee arthritis, is still one of the most talented backs in the league. There aren’t many Los Angeles Rams fantasy football needs on offense, or at all, going into the 2019 NFL Draft, but here we go.

2018’s Best Los Angeles Rams Fantasy Football Player: Todd Gurley, Running Back
2018’s Biggest Los Angeles Rams Fantasy Football Disappointment: Gerald Everett, Tight End? I guess?
2019 Los Angeles Rams Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist: OL, backup RB

Offensive Line:
According to USA Today, the Rams starting offensive line combined to miss 141 of 1,100 regular season snaps last season, which is an unprecedented level of continuity. That all changes going into 2019, with John Sullivan and Roger Saffold no longer on the roster. In the 2018 NFL Draft, they went after offensive linemen who are slotted to start this season (Joe Noteboom and Brian Allen). While they were forward-thinking enough to draft replacements for Sullivan and Saffold, that decimates their OL depth. Injury luck always runs out, and that depth is likely to bite them in the rear end this season.

Backup Running Back:
Drafting a running back high is a luxury. Drafting a backup running back high is downright opulent. However, the Rams were one disastrous Super Bowl away from winning the Super Bowl last season, and then they took a page out of the Russian History playbook. I have an arthritic knee, and while I do not have the same treatment available to me, nor am I nearly the physical specimen that Todd Gurley is, I get the issue with relying on him. I have days I can barely walk, let alone try to run on an NFL field. That can come and go at a moment’s notice. It sucks, a lot, and explains why Gurley was wholly unreliable down the stretch. It’s also why it is paramount that the Rams draft a starter-quality RB to help out Gurley and Malcolm Brown next season. At least it’s paramount for fantasy football owners who want to feel okay with drafting Todd Gurley next year.

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