Fantasy Football Week 10 QB Sleepers – McCowning the Competition

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Fantasy Football Week 10 QB Sleepers

Every week, we try to help you find QB sleepers that have great matchups that could make the difference between victory or defeat in your fantasy football matchup. To make the list, these QB sleepers have to be unowned in at least 50% of Yahoo! leagues. For deep leaguers, we find one guy available in at least 90% of leagues. Good luck, and as always, if I screw anything up, I will return every penny you paid me for my opinions.

Week 10 QB Sleeper: Alex Smith at Tampa Bay (46% owned)

It’s hard to have a ton of faith in Alex “A-Smoove” Smith as anything more than a floor play, but that might be exactly what you need this week in a difficult bye-related situation. He has an amazing matchup, as the Buccaneers allow the most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks on the season, and haven’t gotten much better lately (still top-five within the last five weeks). four-point per passing touchdown leagues, only Nick Foles failed to score at least 20 fantasy points against them this season. The problem is with Alex Smith, here. Washington is quickly running out of healthy weapons, with Paul Richardson and Chris Thompson hitting the shelf and Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed no guarantees to play Sunday. Smith had his best matchup last week and turned in his best game since week three. As I said, he’s a good floor play, and he is in the “he won’t kill your week” category of week 10 QB sleepers… but don’t expect a 30-point fantasy day out of him.

Week 10 QB Sleeper: Baker Mayfield versus Atlanta (42% owned)

The article is now officially renamed The Weekly Baker Mayfield QB Sleepers Piece. He’s now reaching Jeff-in-2017-hyping-Andy-Dalton levels of consistency in this section. He’s turned in decent fantasy days in two of his last three games and hasn’t had a disastrous start yet (nothing below 14 fantasy points in four-point passing TD leagues). He’s now thrown for a touchdown in three straight and gets a great matchup this week. The Falcons yield the third-most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks on the season, and the second-most fantasy points per game over the last five weeks. That five-week timespan includes a pre-benching Jameis, Eli Manning, and Alex Smith, so that gives you an idea of the legitimate terribleness of the defense in Hotlanta.

Week 10 QB Sleeper: Josh McCown versus Buffalo (2% owned)

Just in time for awkward Creed II references all over the broadcast, the NFL’s Ivan Drago double returns to action. Conspiracy Realists will tell you that Sam Darnold was shelved with a phantom foot injury to keep him from getting David Carred. McCown’s not great, but neither are any QBs owned in over 90% of leagues. What McCown does have is a Fitzpatrick-level funslinger deep inside his soul. The last time he played, he and Robby Anderson completely tore up other defenses. Anderson should play this weekend, and that means more deep bombs. The Bills look to be a terrible matchup on paper, but all four QBs to do well against them this year can be classified as deep shot artists (Joe Flacco, Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, and post-“is his shoulder dead” Andrew Luck. He’s the deepest of week 10 QB sleepers, given that he wasn’t even the starter when waivers ran this week.

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