2018 Fantasy Football Rookie Roundup: Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams are one of several teams to only grab one of the big four fantasy football positions in the draft. They did it in the sixth round and he plays the same position as their most talented offensive player. Hoo boy, how do I stretch this into a full-size article?

John Kelly, Running Back (Round Six)
Kelly immediately leapfrogs a backfield of JAGs in the Los Angeles Rams backfield behind Todd Gurley to become his primary backup and a change-of-pace back in the Rams offense. The only problem with snagging John Kelly? He’s playing behind the league leader in touches since Gurley entered the league. He’ll likely get some run as a change-of-pace back and will make a sneaky DFS GPP play when the Rams play some garbo team they will blow out. Ultimately, however, he won’t get much, if any run on any sort of consistently useful basis playing behind Todd Gurley.

And… that’s it. That’s his only real value in a redraft league. He’s a good guy to have if you’re afraid of losing Gurley’s role. Let’s see here, uhhh… let’s see what Google has to say.

Whoa Nelly, apparently, he met with President Trump and was told to work with the FBI and DOJ on investigating the Russia probe. This is some ridiculous responsibility for the 21-year-old, especially with OTAs kicking off. Crazy that he not only will be the primary backup RB in what will be one of the best NFL offenses, he will also serve as the Chief of Staff for President Trump. Truly, this is an unusual résumé for someone as young as Kelly, but the internet has never let me down befo—

Wait, hold on. This John Kelly was a Marine in the 1970s. Wait. This can’t be the same guy at all. Scrap this whole stupid thing.

Anyway, here’s the long and the short of it: unless you feel a desperate longing to handcuff Todd Gurley, you can safely ignore John Kelly in all redraft leagues (and he’s a long play in dynasty leagues).




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