Absurdity Check: Players Respond To The New NFL National Anthem Protest Policy

NFL National Anthem

There is no denying that Colin Kaepernick set off a powder keg when he first knelt for the National Anthem.  Over the past two seasons, this subject has caused a chain reaction of hypocrisy by the NFL, culminating in a show of unity against the President.  On May 24th, NFL owners backtracked harder than JR Smith in the NBA finals,  by voting on a new policy making it so that teams will be fined if a player protests during the National Anthem.   Even though anthem protests were dying down, the NFL decided to throw some gasoline on the social justice fire.  By fining teams, they are attempting to circumvent the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement they have with their players, just when NFL National Anthem protests were dying down.  It makes one wonder if the NFL is actively trying to get more players to protest during the National Anthem.

If that was their goal, the NFL was definitely successful.   Reports indicate that rather than quell protests, this new rule is more likely to encourage players to continue with their protests.  NFL players will now be walking a fine line on how they will protest, to avoid getting fined, while still getting their political viewpoint across.

Football Absurdity is proud to have an exclusive look at some of the new NFL National Anthem protests we can expect to see in the 2018 football season.  The NFL Players Association has really outdone themselves in creating a five-step protest that will demonstrate just how they feel about the new NFL National Anthem protest policy.

1) Denial

tony romo.JPG
This protest represents the player closing his eyes to the fact that the NFL owners do not care about either the social plight going on in this country or the feelings of the players themselves.

2) Anger

This protest illustrates the violence people of color have to constantly endure in an unjust society, while also addressing the rage players feel at having their feelings dismissed.


3) Bargaining

In this protest, the NFL player, as represented by Chicago Bear Rex Grossman, decides to let the NFL, as represented by Green Bay Packers Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila do what he wants in the hopes that things will get better.

4) Depression

jason witten sitting on face.JPG
In this protest, we see the NFL, as represented by Jason Witten, trying to make itself as comfortable as possible, with no regards to the players feeling.  We see the bone-crushing despair the NFL player feels set in as he has to accept that no matter what he does, he will be trampled by the NFL.

5) Acceptance

butt fumble
In this final protest, we see the NFL players come to the conclusion that no matter what concessions they make to the NFL, all their options end up being ass.


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