Fantasy Football: Start or Sit Tyler Kroft in Week Eleven?

Tyler Kroft has been trying to fill the Tyler Eifert role in the Cincinnati offense this year. He hasn’t quite been Tyler Eifert, but then again few players are. He has been up-and-down in the role, but he has quite a bit of reason to be excited this weekend as the Cincinnati Bengals travel to Denver to take on the Broncos defense that the Patriots thoroughly embarrassed last weekend.

Kroft is getting plenty of targets to buoy production if the matchup warrants it. He has at least five targets in four of his last six games, the eleventh-most targets in the last three weeks (in just two games), and has been a PPR monster until he faced two bad tight end matchups in the last two games. He’s getting the opportunity to be productive, he just needs a good matchup to burst through. His recent bout of uselessness can be attributed to his bad matchups, but what about this weekend?

This week, he has no matchup issues. The heir to the Kraft Singles fortune takes on the Denver Broncos, who recently stole one of the few things the Browns had going for them. The Browns were previously the #2 worst team at defending tight ends, and Waleed’s preferred designated target for start-sit articles. The Broncos recently passed them, becoming the #2 tight end matchup in the league. Jesus, Browns, you can’t even suck right. The Broncos defense doesn’t have much in the way of weaknesses, but the tight end is definitely one of them. They’ve allowed the third-most receptions and touchdowns to tight ends, and the most yards. The money range for a TE1 is seven fantasy points, and they allowed that twice last week, and once in each of the four weeks prior.

Tyler Kroft hasn’t had any sort of consistent fantasy football production, but he has been able to take advantage of the matchups in front of him. He’s a poor man’s Tyler Eifert in that offense, which means a high likelihood of touchdowns. If he gets ten yards and a touchdown, he’ll be in the fantasy football TE1 conversation. There are only two teams who are more likely to give up that number. Get Tyler Kroft into your lineup this week if you own him, he should get at least seven fantasy points for you.

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