Fantasy Football: Week Eleven Waiver Wire Tight End

Waiver Wire Tight End
Week Eleven Waiver Wire: QB  RB  WR  TE
Fantasy Football: Week Eleven Waiver Wire Tight Ends aka Even Tight Ends Don’t Like Tight Ends

When talking about waiver wire tight ends, I like to spend a lot of time telling you exactly how worthless the position is.  This week, I almost don’t feel the need to tell you how bad it is.  The best fantasy producers in week ten is a who’s who of who is that guy? If you recognize the name of one of these tight ends, it is probably because you already had reason to hate him with all the fury you could muster.  So let’s look at the waiver wire tight end position for week eleven and despair together.

Jermaine GreshamOwned in 2% of leagues – Jermaine Gresham was disappointing us in 2010 and if you let his Thursday Night Football performance fool you, he could be disappointing you again in 2017.  Yeah, he had 5 catches for 64 yards and 1 touchdown.  That touchdown doubled his touchdown total for the season!  Don’t burn your waiver on Jermaine Gresham.

Garrett CelekOwned in 1% of leagues. – I can’t believe I am writing about Garrett Celek.  Nobody cares about Garrett Celek.  I’m not sure Garrett Celek cares about Garrett Celek.  But he did have 4 catches for 67 yards and 1 touchdown against the New York Giants.  Of course, if you saw the production most tight ends get against the New York Giants, you’d actually be disappointed in Garrett Celek. That is how bad he is.  Even when he is good, he is still a disappointment.

Eric EbronOwned in 34% of leagues – Do you know how to make a Detroit Lions fan mad? Tell them you think Eric Ebron is good at football.  It’ll infuriate them.  Why?  Because they have watched Eric Ebron be bad at football for years.  But inexplicably, people still seem to think he will somehow be good.  Not anyone who has actually owned him in fantasy football, but other people.  People who have never watched him play football.


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