Fantasy Football: Start or Sit Eric Ebron in Week Ten?

Look, we all have our weaknesses. Some people are alcoholics, some can’t quit gambling, some have crippling depression or other maladies. Some of us can’t quit Eric Ebron. The former #10 overall pick has the size and speed to be one of the athletic freaks at tight end, a la Jordan Reed. In fact, he’s as tall and heavy as Reed, but faster, according to his combine measurements. Unfortunately for Ebron and the Lions, he never returned value on that #10 overall pick. He’s not a great blocker, his 711 yards last season was a career high and he’s never topped five touchdowns in a year. It’s a bit far to call him a bust, but he definitely has not come close to living up to his draft day expectations. This week the extremely stoppable force meets the incredibly movable object, as the hapless Ebron takes on the pitiful Cleveland Browns defense. Who will win, and can you use Ebron in your fantasy football league?

Ebron hasn’t had much of an inspiring season so far. He’s caught just eighteen balls, which are exactly half of what’s been sent his way. The most encouraging part of his production so far this year is that he has at least four targets in six-of-eight games. This means that there is a baseline of opportunity available for Ebron, the only question is if he can take advantage of said opportunity.

Rest assured, the Browns will do an exceptional job of making sure that he will take the greatest possible advantage of his opportunities. Seven tight ends have more than a couple targets against them this season, and their production is just wonderful. Those seven tight ends have amassed six touchdowns and a two-point conversion among them. They are averaging 10.44 fantasy points against the Browns, with only one of the seven tight ends scoring under 7.2 fantasy points (Delanie Walker a few weeks ago). All-in-all it’s lining up to be a great matchup for Ebron.

Eric Ebron hasn’t lived up to his draft day reputation so far, but I am still a believer. He will never be what we hoped he would be, but he is still getting plenty of targets in the strong Lions offense. With the Lions failing to convert on the goal line last week via the run, its likely the Lions will look towards the receivers more, which means Ebron’s base of four targets a game should increase. The Browns pretty much don’t guard tight ends, so that extra opportunity means production this weekend. Fire up your Eric Ebrons if you have them.

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